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GABRIEL KNIGHT: Synths of the Fathers

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 09, 2022
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
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Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherTwo Guys Records / /


Originally Composed by / Robert Holmes
Remixed by / Troels Pleimert
Produced by / Troels Pleimert
Mixed by / Jon Paul Sapsford
Mastered by / Jon Paul Sapsford
OPL3 Drums / Sam Lawson
Guitars / Jon Paul Sapsford
Live Drums / Troels Pleimert
Paintings / George Avdoulos
Graphics Upscaled by / Brandon Blume, Brandon Blume
Layout / Troels Pleimert
Design / Troels Pleimert
Color Correction / Steve Coupe
Special Thanks / Robert Holmes, Roberta Vaughan, Ken Allen, Alistar Gillett, Giggle Horse, KiloHearts, Jane Jensen


Disc 1

01 Shadow Hunter 8:22
02 The Big Easy 4:50
03 Eyes of the Snake 9:25
04 Impersonation 4:33
05 Voodoo Lore 5:38
06 Curse of the Daughter 8:20
07 Ancestral Home 2:54
08 Purification 6:50
09 Heart of the Idol 4:46
10 Sins of the Fathers 5:18
11 Journey of the Schattenjäger 14:06
Disc length 75:02



The soundtrack to the iconic 1993 adventure game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, re-imagined in an EDM/industrial/electronic rock style.

All titles originally composed by Robert Holmes.

Remixed and produced by Troels Pleimert.
Mixed and mastered by Jon Paul Sapsford.

OPL3 drums on “Voodoo Lore” by Sam Lawson.
Guitars on “Curse of the Daughter” performed by Jon Paul Sapsford.
Live drums on “Eyes of the Snake,” “Curse of the Daughter,” and “Ancestral Home” performed by Troels Pleimert.

Paintings by George Avdoulos.
Graphics from the original game upscaled by Brandon Blume.
Layout and design by Troels Pleimert.
Color correction by Steve Coupe.

Special thanks to Robert Holmes, Roberta Vaughan, Ken Allen, Alistair Gillett, Giggle Horse, KiloHearts, Jane Jensen, everyone on the SQH Discord, all supporters of the SQH Patreon, and all the backers of the Qrates campaign.

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