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Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 30, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherStudioMDHR / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Music Written by / Kristofer Maddigan
Lyrics Written by / Kristofer Maddigan
Music Arranged by / Kristofer Maddigan
Recorded by / Julian Decorte, Jeremy Darby
Recorded at / Canterbury Music Company, Noble Street Studios, Revolution Recording Studios
Edited by / Julian Decorte, Jeremy Darby
Edited at / Canterbury Music Company
Mixed by / Jeremy Darby, Canterbury Music Company
Additional Recording / Bryon Federick
Additional Recording at / GCR Audio
Mastering / Peter Letros
Mastering at / Wreckhouse Mastering
    Conductor / John Herberman
    Piccolo / Laura Chambers
    Flute / Laura Chambers
    Alto Flute / Laura Chambers
    Clarinet / Colleen Allen, Andy Ballantyne, Shirantha Beddage, Alex Dean, Vern Dorge, Tara Davidson, Colleen Cook
    Soprano C Melody Sax / Colleen Allen
    Soprano Sax / Andy Ballantyne, Conrad Gluch, Tara Davidson
    Alto Sax / Colleen Allen, Andy Ballantyne, Vern Dorge, Conrad Gluch, Tara Davidson, Chelsea McBride, Alison Young
    C Melody Sax / Andy Ballantyne, Vern Dorge
    Tenor Sax / Andy Ballantyne, Alex Dean, Conrad Gluch, Chris Gale, Chelsea McBride
    Baritone Sax / Shirantha Beddage, Conrad Gluch
    Bass Sax / Conrad Gluch
    Trumpet / Dave Dunlop, Jason Logue, Brian O’Kane, Kevin Turcotte, Alexis Baro, Troy Dowding, Brad Eaton, Andrew McAnsh
    Trombone / Kelsley Grant, Al Kay, Christian Overton, William Carn, Emily Ferrell, Paul Tarussov
    Bass Trombone / Peter Hysen, David Pell
    Tuba / Peter Hysen, Jen Stephen
    Piano / Jeff McLeod, Mark Eisenman, John Herberman, Kris Maddigan
    Accordion / Jeff McLeod
    Celeste / Jeff McLeod
    Guitar / Ben Bishop, Rob Piltch, Chris Bezant
    Banjo / Ben Bishop
    Electric Guitar / Rob Piltch
    Lute / Rob Piltch
    Cavaquinho / Rob Piltch
    Bass / Paul Novotny, Neil Swainson
    Drums / Ted Warren, Davide DiRenzo
    Vibraphone / Mark Duggan
    Scatting / Alana Bridgewater
    Lap Steel / Burke Carroll
    Blue Yodel / Russell DeCarle
    Brazilian Percussion / Alan Hetherington
    Percussion / Kris Maddigan
    Reeds Solo / Vern Dorge, Mike Murley
    Trumpets Solo / Jason Logue, Kevin Turcotte
    Trombones Solo / Kelsley Grant, Al Kay
    Solo Piano / Jeff McLeod, James Smith
    Celeste Solo / Jeff McLeod
    Guitar Solo / Rob Piltch, Ben Bishop, Chris Bezant
    Lute Solo / Rob Piltch
    Vibraphone Solo / Mark Duggan
    Fiddle Solo / Drew Jurecka
    Whistling Solo / Drew Jurecka
    Xylophone Soloist / Michael Murphy
    Hammond B3 / Julian DeCorte
    Novachord / Kris Maddigan
    Musical Saw / Colin Maier
    Voice / Peter McGillivray
    Choir / Suba Sankaran, Heather Bambrick, Dylan Bell, Shannon Butcher, Rique Franks, Aaron Jensen
    Flute / Amelia Lyon
    Alto Flute / Amelia Lyon
    Clarinet / Anthony Thompson
    Trumpet / Michael Fedyshyn, Luise Heyerhoff, Rob Weymouth
    Trombone / Megan Hodge, Cathy Stone
    Piano / Christina Faye
    Celeste / Christina Faye
    Percussion / Daniel Morphy
    Contrabass Clarinet / Conrad Gluch
    Concertmaster / Sharon Lee
    Violin / Sarah Boyer, Tanya Charles Iveniuk, Adam Diderrich, Alessia Disimino, Jamie Godber, Patrick Goodwin, Emily Hau, Adrian Irvine, Emily Kruspe, Praise Lam, Ellen Moore, Lyssa Pelton, Jeremy Potts, Marcus Scholtes, Bijan Sepanji, Aysel Taghi-Zada, Alex Toskov
    Viola / Carolyn Blackwell, Caitlyn Boyle, Moira Burke, Woosol Cho, Veronica Lee, Rory McLeod
    Cello / Bryan Holt, Alice Kim, Liza McLellan, Sybil Shanahan
    Double Bass / Michael Cox, Stephen Haynes
    Traverso Flute / Laura Chambers
    Oboe / Lief Mosbaugh, Melissa Scott
    Cor Anglais / Melissa Scott
    Bassoon / Kristin Day, Kevin Harris
    Recorder / Alison Melville
    Horn / David Quackenbush
    Timpani / Andrew Rasmus
    Harp / Sanya Eng
    Organ / Stephen Boda
    Harpsichord / Stephen Boda
    Fiddle / Drew Jurecka
    Double Bass / Chris Banks
    Lead Guitar / Chris Bezant
    Rhythm Guitars / Tak Arikushi, Roberto Rosenman
Performer / 'Shoptimus Prime
    Bass / Tom Mifflin
    Tenor / Michael La Scala
    Lead / Michael Black
    Baritone / Joel La Scala
    Trombone / Brayden Friesen
    Bass Trombone / Jan Owens
    E♭ Trumpet / Michael Fedyshyn
    Cornets / Brad Eaton, Michael Fedyshyn, Luise Heyerhoff, Michelle Wylie
    Flugelhorn / Brad Eaton
    Tenor Horn / Christine Passmore
    French Horn / Christine Passmore
    Euphonium / Cathy Stone
    Orchestra Librarian / Kris Maddigan
    Personnel Manager / John Herberman
    Copyist / Martin Loomer
Thanks / Shanno, Drew, Alison, Matt, Carolyn, Jennie, the Bailey's, StudioMDHR, Julian Decorte, John Herberman, Sarah Campbell, Peter Letros, Island Foods, Matt Endsin at Songbird Life Science, Michael Fisher, Guillermo Subauste at Fisher Media, Dean Pomeroy at Woodshed Percussion, Alexander Rapoport, Arden Rogow-Bales, Long, McQuade, Donny DaSilva from Noble Street Studios, Daniel Goldade from Noble Street Studios, Alexander Mak from Noble Street Studios, Zachariah Pepe from Noble Street Studios, Kim Cooke from Revolution Recording Studios, Creighton Clark from Revolution Recording Studios, Luke Schindler from Revolution Recording Studios
Special Thanks / Kris Maddigan, Studio MDHR, Jeremy Darby


Disc 1

01 The Delicious Last Course 2:15
02 A Far Off Isle 2:17
03 Chef Saltbaker 2:02
04 Recipe for Ms. Chalice 1:38
05 Inkwell Isle Four 2:39
06 Gnome Way Out 3:49
07 Porkrind’s Provisions 2:12
08 Snow Cult Scuffle 3:03
09 Prelude and Proclamation 0:24
10 King of Games’ Castle 0:44
11 Bourree On The Board 1:59
12 Bootlegger Boogie 3:39
13 King of Games’ Castle (Rococo) 2:12
14 The Queen’s Riguadon 2:10
15 High-Noon Hoopla 3:10
16 Chef Saltbaker (piano) 2:09
17 Doggone Dogfight 3:55
18 Inkwell Isle Four (piano) 2:16
19 One Hell of a Dream 3:19
20 An Ominous Stroll 1:46
21 Joyous Promenade 2:53
22 An Ominous Stroll (piano) 1:48
23 Delicious Last Course Release Date Trailer 1:31
24 Joyous Promenade (piano) 2:49
25 Caute Cave Mortem 1:20
26 The Finishing Touch 2:40
27 Baking the Wondertart 4:56
28 Triumphant Trio 2:23
29 A Chef’s Coda 1:32
30 The Key Ingredients 4:42
Disc length 74:12



Music and lyrics written and arranged by Kristofer Maddigan
Recorded by Julian Decorte and Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company, Noble Street Studios, and Revolution Recording Studios in Toronto, Canada.
Edited by Julian Decorte and Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto, Canada

Mixed by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto, Canada.

Additional recording done by Bryon Federick at GCR Audio, Buffalo, New York

Mastering by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto, Canada

John Herberman – Conductor


Colleen Allen - Alto Sax, Clarinet, Soprano C Melody Sax
Andy Ballantyne - Alto Sax, C Melody Sax, Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax
Shirantha Beddage - Bari Sax, Clarinet
Laura Chambers - Alto Flute, Flute, Piccolo
Alex Dean - Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Vern Dorge - Alto Sax, C Melody Sax, Clarinet
Conrad Gluch - Bari Sax, Bass Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax

Dave Dunlop - Trumpet
Jason Logue - Trumpet
Brian O’Kane - Trumpet
Kevin Turcotte - Trumpet
Kelsley Grant - Trombone
Al Kay - Trombone
Christian Overton - Trombone
Peter Hysen - Bass Trombone, Tuba
Jen Stephen - Tuba

Jeff McLeod - Piano, Accordion, Celeste
Ben Bishop - Guitar, Banjo
Rob Piltch - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lute, Cavaquinho
Paul Novotny - Bass
Neil Swainson - Bass
Ted Warren - Drums
Mark Duggan - Vibraphone
Alana Bridgewater - Scatting
Burke Carroll - Lap Steel
Russell DeCarle - Blue Yodel
Alan Hetherington - Brazilian Percussion
Kris Maddigan - percussion

Baker's Shakers - heard in the right channel on 'Baking the Wondertart'

Tara Davidson - Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Clarinet
Chris Gale - Tenor Sax
Conrad Gluch -Bari Sax, Bass Sax, Contrabass Clarinet
Chelsea McBride - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Alison Young - Alto Sax

Alexis Baro - Trumpet
Troy Dowding - Trumpet
Brad Eaton - Trumpet
Andrew McAnsh - Trumpet
William Carn - Trombone
Emily Ferrell - Trombone
Paul Tarussov - Trombone
David Pell - Bass Trombone

Mark Eisenman - Piano
Davide DiRenzo - Drums

Reeds – Vern Dorge, Mike Murley
Trumpets – Jason Logue, Kevin Turcotte
Trombones – Kelsley Grant, Al Kay
Piano/Celeste – Jeff McLeod
Guitar - Rob Piltch, Ben Bishop, Chris Bezant
Lute - Rob Piltch
Vibraphone – Mark Duggan
Fiddle/Whistling – Drew Jurecka
Xylophone – Michael Murphy

Julian DeCorte - Hammond B3
John Herberman - Piano
Kris Maddigan - Piano, Novachord
Colin Maier - Musical Saw
Peter McGillivray - Chef Saltbaker
James Smith - Solo Piano

Suba Sankaran - Leader
Heather Bambrick*
Dylan Bell
Shannon Butcher*
Rique Franks*
Aaron Jensen

*indicates a member of the trio


Sharon Lee (Concertmaster)*
Sarah Boyer
Tanya Charles Iveniuk
Adam Diderrich
Alessia Disimino
Jamie Godber
Patrick Goodwin
Emily Hau
Adrian Irvine
Emily Kruspe
Praise Lam
Ellen Moore
Lyssa Pelton
Jeremy Potts
Marcus Scholtes
Bijan Sepanji
Aysel Taghi-Zada
Alex Toskov

Carolyn Blackwell*
Caitlyn Boyle
Moira Burke*
Woosol Cho
Veronica Lee
Rory McLeod

Bryan Holt
Alice Kim
Liza McLellan*
Sybil Shanahan

Michael Cox
Stephen Haynes

*indicates a member of the string quartet

Flute/Alto Flute/Traverso Flute/Piccolo – Laura Chambers
Flute/Alto Flute - Amelia Lyon
Oboe – Lief Mosbaugh, Melissa Scott
Cor Anglais – Melissa Scott
Clarinet – Colleen Cook, Anthony Thompson
Bassoon – Kristin Day, Kevin Harris
Contrabass Clarinet – Conrad Gluch
Recorder – Alison Melville

Horn – David Quackenbush
Trumpet – Michael Fedyshyn, Luise Heyerhoff, Rob Weymouth
Trombone – Megan Hodge, Cathy Stone
Bass Trombone - David Pell
Tuba – Jen Stephen

Timpani – Andrew Rasmus

Percussion - Kris Maddigan, Daniel Morphy

Harp – Sanya Eng

Piano/Celeste – Christina Faye

Organ/Harpsichord – Stephen Boda

Xylophone Soloist – Michael Murphy

Drew Jurecka - Fiddle
Chris Bezant - Lead Guitar
Tak Arikushi, Roberto Rosenman - Rhythm Guitars
Chris Banks - Double Bass

Michael La Scala - Tenor
Michael Black - Lead
Joel La Scala - Baritone
Tom Mifflin - Bass

(heard on 'The Delicious Last Course Release Date Trailer')

Piccolo – Laura Chambers
Eb trumpet – Michael Fedyshyn
Cornets - Brad Eaton, Michael Fedyshyn, Luise Heyerhoff, Michelle Wylie
Flugelhorn – Brad Eaton
Tenor Horn, French Horn – Christine Passmore
Trombone – Brayden Friesen, Cathy Stone
Bass trombone - Jan Owens
Euphonium – Cathy Stone
Tuba – Jen Stephen
Percussion - Kris Maddigan

Orchestra Librarian - Kris Maddigan

Personnel Manager – John Herberman

Copyist - Martin Loomer

Kris Maddigan would like to thank:
His parents, Shannon and Drew, Alison and Matt, Carolyn, Jennie, the Bailey's
StudioMDHR for their support
Julian Decorte for his expertise and tireless enthusiasm
John Herberman for all his hard work behind the scenes and for being such a great mentor
Sarah Campbell for your extreme patience
Peter Letros for your fine mastering and dealing with our quick turnaround requests
Island Foods (RIP)
Matt Endsin at Songbird Life Science
Michael Fisher and Guillermo Subauste at Fisher Media
Dean Pomeroy at Woodshed Percussion
Alexander Rapoport
Arden Rogow-Bales
Long and McQuade
From Noble Street Studios: Donny DaSilva, Daniel Goldade, Alexander Mak, Zachariah Pepe
From Revolution Recording Studios - Kim Cooke, Creighton Clark, Luke Schindler

Extra special thanks and immense gratitude from both Kris Maddigan and Studio MDHR to Jeremy Darby for figuring out how to bring together this many musicians safely in the midst of the pandemic, and also to all of the amazing musicians for sharing their talents!

(Sorry to anyone we may have missed!)

Onsite medical personnel and test administration provided by 'C-Care Health Services'.

All Music in 'Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course' was recorded following all Government of Canada and Government of Ontario safety protocols, including additional measures taken to ensure performer health and safety. No performers or staff working the 'Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course' soundtrack contracted COVID as a part of their work.


Musical influences on 'Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course'
Francisco Alves, Gene Autry, Count Basie, Alban Berg, Scott Bradley, Charlie Christian, Frank Churchill, Gertrude ‘Baby’ Cox, Slim Gaillard, Stephane Grappelli, George Hamilton Green, Leigh Harline, Gustav Holst, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Merl Lindsay, Gustav Mahler, Alfred Newman, Nexus Percussion, Maurice Ravel, Django Reinhardt, Jimmie Rodgers, Miklós Rózsa, Arnold Schoenberg, William Shakespeare, Carl Stalling, Max Steiner, George Stoll, Joby Talbot, Juan Tizol, Joe Venuti, Anton Webern, Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys

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