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POSTAL 4: No Regerts KDTF Radio Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 01, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Drama
PublisherRunning With Scissors / /
Exclusive RetailerSteam / /


Writer / James Avestruz
Producer / James Avestruz
Cast / James Avestruz, Max Henderson, Rob Stant, Gianni Matragano, Cas Richardson, Ari Bloss, Paxton Lee, Christopher L., Salvatore James Rizzo Junior, Sam Beefheart, Joshua "Akasen" Faria, Mike Jaret-Schachter, Tanya Kozak, Brandon Epley, Matthew Winter, Rocco Sulaj, Chris Bakewell, Trevor Bennett, Sarah Parker, David Eddings, WeeGeePanda, Kennedy Durbin, Nik Eastburn, Ed Prins-Stairs, B. Charles, Ozzie Encinas
Music / Kevin MacLeod


Disc 1

01 Concerned Mother 4:21
02 Conspiracy Theorist 5:11
03 Local Artist 5:29
04 Inspection Failure 5:09
05 The Dante Situation 11:04
06 ColleenCoin 3:54
07 Pants Kid 6:51
08 Loopy Caller 4:59
09 Shock Jocks 6:42
10 Tech Support 4:01
11 Tommy Jax Interview 11:12
12 Air Aficionado 5:53
13 Landlord Abuse 4:23
14 Job Hunter 4:37
15 KDTF On The Street 11:30
Disc length 95:16



James Clark: James Avestruz
Max Wilden: Max Henderson
Tommy Jax: Rob Stant
Dante Tonitini: Gianni Matragano
Tina Tonitini: Cas Richardson
Jizz (aka. Phil): Ari Bloss
Spooge (aka. Larry): James Avestruz
Melissa: Cas Richardson
Tele-Dad Narrator: Paxton Lee
Tele-Dad: James Avestruz
Tele-Son: Christopher L.
Gun Caller: Salvatore James Rizzo Junior
Conspiracy Theorist: Sam Beefheart
Gavin Graham: Joshua "Akasen" Faria
Mayor Mike J.: Mike Jaret-Schachter
Name Doubter: Tanya Kozak
Anthony Rosetti: Brandon Epley
Tommy Rosetti: Matthew Winter
Mikey: James Avestruz
Car Owner: Rocco Sulaj
Arcade Owner: Chris Bakewell
FBI Field Office Director: Trevor Bennett
Colleen: Sarah Parker
TTD Announcer: Cas Richardson
TTD Shout: James Avestruz
Faraway Traveler: David Eddings
Zoomy: WeeGeePanda
Prank Caller: Tanya Kozak
Mikey: Kennedy Durbin
Mikey's Mom: Tanya Kozak
Glen: Paxton Lee
ChumpUSA Narrator: James Avestruz
Station Owner: Paxton Lee
Menial Mobile Narrator: Nik Eastburn
The Most Beautiful Girl: Tanya Kozak
Lawyer Needer: Sarah Parker
Support Caller: James Avestruz
Us R Tools Narrator: Max Henderson
FyrEX Narrator: James Avestruz
Cussing Hater: Ed Prins-Stairs
Aficionado: Ari Bloss
Quit Caller: Sarah Parker
WaiterHater Bro #1: Paxton Lee
WaiterHater Bro #2: Max Henderson
WaiterHater Driver: Tanya Kozak
Gay Bar Caller: Sam Beefheart
Leopold the Landlord: Paxton Lee
Kids Cryin' Narrator: Cas Richardson
Angry Caller: Ari Bloss
Crack Needle Caller: James Avestruz
Wannabe Murderer: Sarah Parker
Riverside Coffee Narrator: B. Charles
Intern Stevie: Ozzie Encinas
EMT: Sam Beefheart
Bathroom Girl: Sarah Parker
Bathroom Guy: Chris Bakewell
Crowd Shouter/Mob Leader: Ari Bloss
Crowd & Additional Voices: James Avestruz & Tanya Kozak

Written and produced by James Avestruz.

Background music written by Kevin MacLeod.

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