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Turrican Soundtrack Anthology - Maxi Single

The Final Fight - TSA Maxi
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 14, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Remix
PublisherChris Huelsbeck Productions / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composed by / Chris Huelsbeck
Produced by / Chris Huelsbeck, Yuzo Koshiro /
Co-produced by / Jan Zottmann, Thomas Böcker
Arranged by / Yuzo Koshiro /
Original Recordings / Holger Lagerfeldt
Mix / Holger Lagerfeldt
Editing / Fabian Del Priore
Additional Recordings by / Fabian Del Priore
Vinyl Artwork / Markus "Junkboy” Toivonen
Logo / The Light Works


Disc 1

01 The Final Fight (Yuzo Koshiro Retro Remix) 6:16
02 The Final Fight (Yuzo Koshiro Chiptune Arrange) 7:24
03 Disk In 0:06
04 The Final Fight (AMIGA Original Sound Version) 7:14
05 T2 Loader 0:46
06 The Desert Rocks (AMIGA Bonus) 3:35
Disc length 25:21



This is the virtual download version of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vinyl Maxi Single that features retro-style remixes by Japanese Game Music Legend Yuzo Koshiro. The remixed piece (2 versions) is "The Final Fight" (Title Theme from Turrican 2) and the "B-Side" (Tracks 3-6) contains the original Amiga recording and some bonus material. Also included is a PDF with the front and back cover of the original vinyl.

Composed & Produced by Chris Huelsbeck
Co-Produced by Jan Zottmann & Thomas Böcker
Tracks 1 & 2: T2 Theme (Retro Remix & Chiptune Arrange)
Arranged & Produced by Yuzo Koshiro
Tracks 3-6: Original Amiga Recordings & Mix Holger Lagerfeldt, Editing & Additional Recordings Fabian Del Priore
TSA Vinyl Artwork: Markus "Junkboy” Toivonen
TSA Logo: The Light Works
Layout: – Strategie. Kommunikation. Design.
Vintage Hardware & Software Support: Tobias Preis, Lutz Osterkorn

© 2013 Chris Huelsbeck Productions
Turrican is a trademark of Factor 5 – Eggebrecht, Engel, Schmidt GbR (“Factor 5”), used with permission.

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