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Call of Artemis

Catalog Number BRMM-10598
Barcode 4562494355623
Release Date Jan 25, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9900 JPY
Media Format CD + Blu-ray
Classification Vocal
LabelBushiroad Music / /
ManufacturerBushiroad Music Inc. / /
DistributorBushiroad Music Inc. / /

Disc 1 (CD)

01 I don't wanna lose!
02 Do the Dive
04 WOW WAR TONIGHT~時には起こせよムーヴメント~
05 I'm proud (Lynx Eyes ver.)
06 I don't wanna lose! (Lynx Eyes ver.)
07 #ALL FRIENDS (Scarlet Canary ver.)
08 I don't wanna lose! (Scarlet Canary ver.)
09 I don't wanna lose! -instrumental-
10 I'm proud -instrumental-
Disc 2 (Blu-ray)

01 (tracklist not available)

  Total tracks 11


Call of Artemis are Scarlet Canary, Lynx Eyes

Lynx Eyes are Shano Himegami (CAST: Raychell), Toka Takao (CAST: Hinako Umemura)
Scarlet Canary are Airi Amano (CAST: Nana Mizuki), Mana Kase (CAST: Arisa Komiya)

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