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Hey! Listen! Volume 2

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 28, 2009
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
PublisherGame Music 4 All / /


Composer / Earl Vickers, Hal Canon, Amiga Agia, Antisoc, Jonathan Coulton, David Wise
Arranger / Skull Kid, XMark, Monkey Kong
Performer / Skull Kid, Antisoc, XMark, Monkey Kong
Lyricist / Antisoc, XMark


Disc 1

01 Gauntlet Intro 1:21
02 Where your Hiding 3:07
03 Trippin Breakers 2:48
04 Still Alive 3:03
05 Dolphin Ride (Aquatic Ambience) 5:52
Disc length 16:11



Hey! Listen! v2
Mixtape from 02/2009

Skull Kid - Gauntlet Title Screen - single

Amiga Agia - Where Your Hiding - from the album "Destiny Reverb"

Antisoc - Trippin Breakers - from the album "Anomalous Materials Laboratory"

XMark - Still Alive - single from "Dwelling of Duels" competition

Monkey Kong - Dolphin Ride (Aquatic Ambience) - single

Album Artwork:

About the artwork:
I think cephalopods are hilarious, with that in mind I asked about to see if anyone would
want to draw some, luckily Mareyn answered the call and delivered three of the best
classically trained creatures below 1,000 meters. I like to imagine these three squids
playing sold out clubs in a different evolutionary setting. I have also named them! That
is Inky on the left, Blobby on the right, and front and center is Admiral Inksax. I am bad
with names. Anyway, the album art is also partly  inspired by the final song on this
compilation. Also, major thanks again to Mareyn and her ability to draw amazing art on
pretty short notice!

Thank you to all the people who download and spread the word about this mixtape, as well
as the last mixtape! I hope you are convinced of the awesomeness of these groups and decide
to investigate their music further. Also a huge thanks to the bands who have been more
than happy to contribute songs, and to everyone who has been willing to write about the
mixtapes wherever they can. Thanks again to Alex Atchley for hosting the album on Hotdog
Storm. And of course thanks to everyone who contributed to the mixtape, and look out for
volume 3 already underway!

This album is hosted by Hotdog Storm -

-Anthony "genoboost" Ruybalid

Album Stats

Contained in 4 collections
Contained in 1 wish lists
Products represented
Gauntlet, Portal, Donkey Kong Country
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, NES (Famicom), PC, SNES (Super Famicom), Sony PlayStation 3


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