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Shadows Over Loathing (Original Game Soundtrack)

Catalog Number MCOL-0421
Barcode 00811576036313
Release Date Nov 11, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherMateria Collective / /
Phonographic CopyrightMateria Collective / /


Composer / Ryan Ike
Album Art / Wes Cleveland


Disc 1

01 . . . do you hear that? 1:09
02 Shadows Over Loathing - Main Theme 6:30
03 That Sunken Feeling 3:30
04 Works and Ways Unseen 3:40
05 Terrence's Theme 2:20
06 It's on Like Necronomicon 3:24
07 Honk-Shoo 3:02
08 A Cat You Befriend? Even Old Ones Commend 0:06
09 In Lands Laid Low 3:18
10 The Watcher With Cotton Eyes 1:29
11 Bruise's Theme 2:40
12 Advanced Phalangealkinetics 3:05
13 The More You Know (XP Up) 0:07
14 The Lack of Color Out of Space 3:06
15 Smooth Sailin', Francis Waylan' 2:06
16 Academia After Dark 3:32
17 Noël's Theme 2:09
18 Glockophany II - The Glockening 0:40
19 Bump in the Night 2:32
20 The Dunwich Borer 3:31
21 Smile of Cinder, Thorn, and Stone 3:38
22 Pig Skinner - Glory on the Gridiron 0:07
23 Pig Skinner - Friday Night Frights 0:09
24 Cheese Wizard - Havarti Smarty 0:07
25 Cheese Wizard - Your Feta is Sealed 0:09
26 Jazz Agent - Blatt-Blatt-Bla-DOW 0:10
27 Jazz Agent - Skiddly-Boom-Boom-Kersplat 0:08
28 Winner, Winner, Unfathomable-Bird-Monster Dinner 0:07
29 The Sound of a Sound Thrashing 0:08
Disc length 56:39



Do you yearn for the music of the void, as it yearns for you? Does some dark part of your mind–slumbering, and yet . . . awakened–pine to stare into the creeping, grinning blackness between the stars and feel its infinite dirge pour down upon you, like liquid into a vessel that knows not what it holds? Does your very being vibrate with the need to hear–truly hear–the coiling, undulating counterpoint of the Sound That Should Not Be? To feel its chattering, gnashing song course through your body, your brain bursting like overripe fruit as it twists you, transcending, into a form capable, at last, of joining it's horrifying chorus?

No? Ok, whew. Like, honestly?

That's great.

I really don't think I had a shot at living up to all that. What I can present you with is this; the soundtrack to Shadows Over Loathing. It can't smush your brain like an old banana or whatever that was, but it does provide you with all of your favorite tunes from the eldritch horror/comedy game. Featuring some wildly talented performers and just the right amount of creepy vibes. Maybe not enough to make you want to stare directly into the Abyss Behind The Eyes Of The World, but maybe enough to make you want to kind of glance at it?...  more

"Shadows Over Loathing (Original Game Soundtrack)" was made possible by the following individuals:

Ryan Ike: Composer
Wes Cleveland: Album Art

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