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Light Bringer

Catalog Number PCCB-00154
Release Date May 20, 1994
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Prototype/Unused
ManufacturerPONY CANYON INC. / /


Composer / Norihiro Furukawa / (Zuntata)
Narrator / Nigel Hogge
Recording Engineer / Munehiro Nakanishi / (Zuntata)
Recording Studio / ZTT Studio, Best Media St.
Mastering Engineer / Kazuya Sato /
Story Writer / Norihiro Furukawa / (Zuntata)
Graphic Designer / Kyoko Komuro / (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Illustrator / Yutaka Izubuchi, Kouichirou Yonemura
Visual Coordinator / Norihiro Furukawa / (Zuntata), Hiroyuki Maekawa (Taito Osaka R&D)
Director / Sadakichi A. (Scitron & Art Inc.), Masaki Usui / (Pony Canyon)
Producer / Yoshihiro Ohno / (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Executive Producer / Kazusuke Obi / (Scitron & Art Inc.), Seiji Kuniyoshi (Pony Canyon)
Special Thanks / Taito Marketing Staff, Taito Development Staff, Mickey's Company


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack, Arrangement

01 Oh, I don't want to have to remember (Narration) 1:13
02 Overture "Light Bringer" (CD Original Tune) Allegro Maestoso in B-FLAT Minor 3:48
03 Title~Insert Coin 0:24
04 Dance Ver.2 (Opening) 1:19
05 Now again, we're talking (Select) 1:37
06 The Origins of the Holy Sword Light Bringer (Main Theme) 5:28
07 A Flow of Sadness, Unavoidable Era Variation (Temple) 5:34
08 Moment--. (Unused Tune) 0:09
09 The One that comes from the Abyss (Unused Tune) 0:52
10 Wake Up, Wake Up, As I Command you Master (BOSS) 2:04
11 This Quiteness that I Fear (Labyrinth) 3:46
12 Now, the Iron of our Blades are Severing and Murdering (Battle) 3:07
13 Passing Down the Holy Sword (Narration) 0:54
14 A Maiden Sacrifice, on Behalf of The Great's Will (Venom's Theme) 0:33
15 His Greatness The King Stands, People Once Again Abase Themselves (LAST BOSS) 4:20
16 It's Time for Us, the New Generation, to Stand... (Ending) 2:41
17 Dance Ver.3 (Name Register) 0:21
Disc length 38:10



Produced by Yoshihiro Ohno (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Directed by Sadakichi A. (Scitron & Art Inc.)
                  Masaki Usui (PONY CANYON)
All Songs Composed by Norihiro Furukawa (ZUNTATA)
Narrated by Nigel Hogge
Recorded at ZTT Studio, Best Media st.
Record Engineered by Munehiro Nakanishi (ZUNTATA)
Mastered by Kazuya Sato

Inner Staff
Irrustrator : Yutaka Izubuchi
                  Kouichirou Yonemura
Story Writer : Norihiro Furukawa (ZUNTATA)
Visual coordinator : Norihiro Furukawa (ZUNTATA)
                           : Hiroyuki Maekawa (TAITO OSAKA R&D)
Graphic designer : Kyoko Komuro (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Special Thanks
TAITO Marketing Staff
TAITO Development Staff
Mickey's Company

Executive Producer : Kazusuke Obi (Scitron & Art Inc.)
                               Seiji Kuniyoshi (PONY CANYON)

Part of Scitron's 2000 Series.

Tracks 1 & 2 are arranged.

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