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Hey! Listen! Volume 3

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 31, 2009
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Original Work
PublisherGame Music 4 All / /


Performer / The Plasmas, hiphopmcdougal, sli, Rare Candy, I Fight Dragons


Disc 1

01 Super Mario 10:03
02 Venomous Vapors 3:33
03 Wobbly Rings 2:21
04 Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace / Schala's Theme / The Day the World Revived 6:06
05 With You 3:49
Disc length 25:52




The Plasmas (1)
hiphopmcdougal (2)
sli (3)
Rare Candy (4)
I Fight Dragons (5)

Hey! Listen! v3
Mixtape from 03/2009

ThePlasmas - SuperMario - from the album "Noentiendo"

hiphopmcdougal - Venomous Vapors from the EP "Time Circuits On"

sli - Wobbly Rings

Rare Candy - Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace / Schala's Theme / The Day the World Revived
from their upcoming self-titled debut album

I Fight Dragons - With You - from the album "Cool is Just a Number"

Leo Camacho

About the artwork:
The artwork is a remixed version of an art piece titled "The Unusual Suspects." The artwork was created last minute by Leo Camacho (who will be next months artist as well), so huge thanks to him on putting something great together on only a few days notice! Sadly we had our original artist have to drop off theproject due to family affairs, but best of luck to her, and hope to have her on a future album!

Thanks again to everyone who checks out this album! Thank you for taking an interest in brand new and amazing music! Thank you to all the bands and artists kind enough to contribute their hard work for the mixtape! Thanks again to Hotdog Storm for hosting duties!
Also thanks to any other sites, artists, blogs, or just regular folks who spread the word about these mixtapes!

This album is hosted by Hotdog Storm -

-Anthony "genoboost" Ruybalid

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Chrono Trigger


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