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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 18, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherTeam Reptile / /


Artist / kidkanevil, 2 Mello, Proux, Dom McLennon, KiloWatts, Doctor Lazer, Charodey Jeddy, CYBERMILK, Legove, Klaus Veen, Hideki Naganuma / , Olli, Leopard Davinci, Louis 707, SKALP, Sebastian Knight, Reso, GRRL, Ethan Goldhammer, Bx'treme, soia, SkyBlew, wev, Color Plus, Knxwledge, Swami Sound
Written by / G. Roberts, P. Mukhi
Featured Artist / OV, Nicholas Mangiafico
Producer / mez, Navo The Maestro, Chediak*
Album Cover Art / Sem Graham


Disc 1

01 Big City Life ft OV 2:59
02 I Wanna Kno 4:11
03 Funk Express (Extended Version) 3:03
04 Morning Glow (Ft. Nicholas Mangiafico) 3:54
05 Scraped On The Way Out 5:46
06 Chromebies 3:04
07 State of Mind 2:52
08 Condensed Milk 2:33
09 Plume 3:11
10 Anime Break 3:36
11 JACK DA FUNK 4:08
12 Precious Thing 3:20
13 Next To Me 3:49
14 GET ENUF 4:11
15 Bounce Upon A Time 5:40
16 Feel The Funk (Computer Love) 2:59
17 Iridium 3:23
18 Operator 2:23
19 DA PEOPLE 4:14
20 Chuckin Up 2:29
21 Trinitron 3:22
22 Spectres 4:06
23 In The Pocket 2:55
24 Two Days Off 6:12
25 AGUA 3:17
26 you can say hi (prod. by mez) 3:44
27 Light Switch (Prod. Navo The Maestro) 3:47
28 watchyaback! 3:44
29 Hair Dun Nails Dun 4:39
30 Last Hoorah 5:02
31 hwbouths 2:40
32 Refuse 3:17
Disc length 118:30



  kidkanevil (01)
  2 Mello (02)
  Proux (03)
  Dom McLennon (04)
  KiloWatts (05, 24, 30)
  Doctor Lazer (06)
  Charodey Jeddy (07)
  Legove (09)
  Klaus Veen (10)
  Hideki Naganuma (11, 14, 19)
  Olli (12)
  Leopard Davinci & Louis 707 (13)
  SKALP (15)
  Sebastian Knight (16)
  Reso (17, 20, 22)
  GRRL (18, 21)
  Ethan Goldhammer (23)
  Bx'treme (25)
  soia (26)
  SkyBlew (27)
  wev (28)
  ColorPlus (29)
  Knxwledge (31)*
  Swami Sound (32)

Track 1 written by G. Roberts and P. Mukhi
Track 32 produced by Chediak (uncredited)

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Soundtrack is the compilation of all the wild and varied music found in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in high quality WAV format. It's a journey through different genres and personal styles from all over the world. There is one thing they all have in common: they all represent a connection between tech (the cyber) and the streets (the funk).

We are proud to have Hideki Naganuma, Ethan Goldhammer, Leopard Davinci & Louis 707, Proux, Olli and SKALP bring severely pumping funk to the table. Heavy beats are brought in through the likes of Bx'treme, kidkanevil, Charodey Jeddy and Legove. There's house with wev, Sebastian Knight and Color Plus. Artist like Reso and GRRL will fry your brain twice over (in the bad good way), but you'll be soothed back to health by CYBERMILK and Dom McLennon. Of course you can't go wrong with Klaus Veen, 2 Mello and Swami Sound. Finishing you off with the really out there, otherworldly vibes, we have soia, Kilowatts and Doctor Lazer.

Using his experience in dancing, the game director has personally picked most of all existing, danceable music by artists who have a strong voice and noticeable authorship. Artists in their own right, we are inviting you to look their names up on the web and give the rest of their catalogue a listen. That is to say the artists on this soundtrack can only truly be featured, not hired. For that reason, the majority of the revenue of this of this soundtrack will go to the artists.

Ethan Goldhammer - In The Pocket - Courtesy of Wicked Wax Music - Amsterdam - The Netherlands.
SKALP - Bounce Upon A Time - Courtesy of Wicked Wax Music - Amsterdam - The Netherlands.
Album Cover Art by Sem Graham.

*Track 31 was originally not included in the initial release and was instead added through an update on August 23rd.

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