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Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo 20th Anniversary

Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo
Catalog Number OCRA-0001
Release Date Sep 14, 2023
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / Minako Hamano / , Kenji Yamamoto / , Hirokazu Tanaka /
Arranger / Protricity, Vig, Suzumebachi, Jason Covenant, Danny Baranowsky, Children of the Monkey Machine, Avien, ella guro, zykO
Remixer / Ari Asulin (Protricity)
Director / Ari Asulin
Artwork / Steph Sybydlo (DiceSMS), Rob Saunders
Banner / Ari Asulin (Protricity)
Website / Ari Asulin (Protricity)
Trailer / José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican)
Executive Producer / David W. Lloyd (djpretzel), Larry Oji (Liontamer)


Disc 1 [OCRA-0001] Arrangement

01 Premonition of Fell Purpose [Opening (Destroyed Science Academy Research Station)] 3:31
02 So It Begins… (Theme of Super Metroid) 2:42
03 Hostile Abduction [Big Boss Confrontation BGM (Ridley, Draygon)] 3:51
04 Putting Down on Zebes (Planet Zebes - Crateria Arrival) 3:07
05 Evil Aroused (Crateria - Space Pirates Appear) 4:17
06 Full of Life (Brinstar - Plant Overgrowth Area) 3:37
07 Unsettling Nature [Small Boss Confrontation BGM (Spore-Spawn, Botsoon)] 3:23
08 Traversing the Beyond (Space Warrior - Samus Aran’s Theme) 3:33
09 Vast Inner Depths of Brinstar (Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area) 6:31
10 Sudden Death [Big Boss Confrontation BGM (Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon)] 1:55
11 A Change and a Passing (Mysterious Statue Chamber / Tourian) 2:34
12 Metal Fatigue (Wrecked Ship) 4:17
13 Noumenon (Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area) 2:49
14 Ebb Tide Manifest (Maridia - Quicksand Underground Water Area) 3:56
15 Pyroclastica (Norfair - Scorching Lava Area) 2:28
16 Braving the Flames (Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area) 4:57
17 Perceived by Cold Intelligence (Mother Brain) 6:26
18 Escaping Retribution (Escape) 4:01
19 The Galaxy Is at Peace… (Ending / Samus Aran Appearance Fanfare) 4:00
Disc length 71:55
Disc 2 Remix

01 Relics of the Chozo (Continuity mix) 71:57
Disc length 71:57

  Total tracks 20   Total length 2:23:52


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Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo

••••• •••••

Director/Continuity Mix
Ari Asulin (Protricity)

Steph Sybydlo (DiceSMS) - 20th anniversary
Rob Saunders - original
Ari Asulin (Protricity) - banners, original website

David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) - 20th anniversary
Ari Asulin (Protricity) - original

José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican) - 20th anniversary

Executive Producers
David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) - original & 20th anniversary
Larry Oji (Liontamer) - 20th anniversary

This album is freely available online and is not being distributed for profit.

It features 19 tracks from 9 artists, arranging from the soundtrack of Super Metroid for the SNES. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo; all original compositions are copyright their respective owners.

This album was produced to help promote video game music, Minako Hamano, Kenji Yamamoto, and Hirokazu Tanaka's amazing compositions, and the talented artists that contributed to this project.

This torrent includes the complete album, in high-quality MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

Please enjoy this album and share it with others.

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OCRA-0001 - Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo (
Director's and Artists' Comments
Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo
Comments from album director Ari Asulin (Protricity) & ReMixers
Album freely available at

Relics of the Chozo is a project aimed at producing a collective and collaborative interpretation of the soundtrack of Super Metroid. However, each individual piece, despite being a unique standalone work of its own, is also a part of a larger scheme arranged to create an ambiance of continuity; one large song, if you will. The project could be thought of in terms of a progression of events/sentiments/stages of every relevant theme from Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo.

Thanks to everyone involved who made it possible. Thanks to Super Metroid for being so friggin' kickass.

That's about it! Enjoy the show!

- Ari Asulin (Protricity)

01. Protricity - "Premonition of Fell Purpose"
Source: "Opening (Destroyed Science Academy Research Station)"
Composers: Hirokazu Tanaka, Minako Hamano

Protricity (original): The introductory track in this album sets the forboding mood through ominous sounds and progressive rhythms.

02. Vig - "So It Begins..."
Source: "Theme of Super Metroid"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

03. Suzumebachi, Protricity - "Hostile Abduction"
Source: "Big Boss Confrontation BGM (Ridley, Draygon)"
Composer: Minako Hamano

Protricity (original): A hostile interpretation of Ridley's escape from the space platform is realized through harsh industrial beats and dangerous leads in this fast-paced collaboration.

Suzumebachi (20th anniversary): I started it, made some cheesy industrial stuff, but eventually got stuck. Protricity took my unfinished mess of a WIP and fleshed it out by adding layers and did some editing/chopping/stretching, then added some pretty rad entire new sections and stuff, fleshing the whole thing out even more into a complete track. Prot did the heavy lifting pretty much. I don't think I really knew what I was doing, LOL.

04. Protricity - "Putting Down on Zebes"
Source: "Planet Zebes - Crateria Arrival"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Protricity (original): As Samus lands on Zebes for the second time, the perilous ambiance surrounds her in this slow-moving, yet spacial track as she proceeds from the weather-beaten surface into the boding caves of Crateria.

05. Protricity - "Evil Aroused"
Source: "Crateria - Space Pirates Appear"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Protricity (original): Within the cool, capricious caves of Crateria, Samus's lone movement goes not unwatched. The presence of evil is everywhere in this unsettling song. The ominous voices and steady rhythms push Samus towards the inevitable terror awaiting.

06. Protricity - "Full of Life"
Source: "Brinstar - Plant Overgrowth Area"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Protricity (original): Entering Brinstar again, the sharp contrast is evident. Life is bustling here. Plants and roots explore all paths and creatures regard Samus with ill motives. This song represents an active Brinstar with a fast beat and constant changes.

07. Jason Covenant - "Unsettling Nature"
Source: "Small Boss Confrontation BGM (Spore-Spawn, Botsoon)"
Composer: Minako Hamano

Protricity (original): Not all nature is peaceful. There is indeed an unsettling nature to this particular of nature. Jason describes this jerky malicious creature in this bunglesome and fast paced track.

08. Danny Baranowsky, Protricity - "Traversing the Beyond"
Source: "Space Warrior - Samus Aran's Theme"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Protricity (original): Back on the surface, the weather has calmed. Samus traverses the moist expanse of terrain on the surface of Crateria. A very open track; Danny describes the account of Samus's exploration with distant brass and triumphant rhythms.

09. Protricity - "Vast Inner Depths of Brinstar"
Source: "Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

10. Protricity - "Sudden Death"
Source: "Big Boss Confrontation BGM (Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon)"
Composer: Minako Hamano

11. Protricity - "A Change and a Passing"
Sources: "Mysterious Statue Chamber", "Tourian"
Composers: Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano

12. Children of the Monkey Machine - "Metal Fatigue"
Source: "Wrecked Ship"
Composer: Minako Hamano

13. Avien - "Noumenon"
Source: "Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area"
Composer: Minako Hamano

14. Protricity - "Ebb Tide Manifest"
Source: "Maridia - Quicksand Underground Water Area"
Composer: Minako Hamano

15. Children of the Monkey Machine - "Pyroclastica"
Source: "Norfair - Scorching Lava Area"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

16. ella guro - "Braving the Flames"
Source: "Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area"
Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

ella guro (original): This is the remix I did for the Super Metroid collaboration project of the "Norfair 2" theme. It's kind of a different take... the remixes I've heard of this theme are generally slower-paced and build up gradually while keeping the same tempo, like the original. This mix, however, is all over the place. After trying and failing to mix this tune a couple of times before, by fiddling with some knobs in Reason, I came up with that extremely jarring distorted noise you hear at the beginning. It pretty much took off from there.

Before I forget, thanks to Protricity for doing the tempo changes from my original version and adding the choir... which I wasn't overly fond of to begin with (I'm not a fan of using synth choirs), but it does add some atmosphere that's greatly appreciated.

There really isn't much else to say... some have really liked it, others haven't. I'm convinced that this is one mix that people will love/hate just depending on personal preferences. Still, I hope everyone enjoys it to some extent. The mix took a lot of work to do, but it was also quite fun.

17. Protricity feat. zykO - "Perceived by Cold Intelligence"
Source: "Mother Brain"
Composer: Minako Hamano

zykO (20th anniversary): Protricity and I had talked about collaborating on a track long before he approached me for Relics of the Chozo, but, when he did for "Mother Brain", it was... well, a no-brainer. Protricity arranged the track almost entirely including several of the main guitar parts (with a synth guitar that sounded so cool we decided to keep and utilize it throughout the tune in creative and unorthodox ways), but gave me (if not outright encouraged) free rein on the leads and some of the, uh, weirder phrasings. In fact, I think that was one of our chief goals with the track, not trying so much to produce a "rock song" than something that was atypical and moody. This was the result.

18. Protricity - "Escaping Retribution"
Source: "Escape"
Composer: Minako Hamano

19. Danny Baranowsky - "The Galaxy Is at Peace..."
Sources: "Ending," "Samus Aran Appearance Fanfare"
Composers: Minako Hamano, Hirokazu Tanaka, Kenji Yamamoto

Danny Baranowsky (20th anniversary): This piece was a big one for me. This was back when I still had my sights set on a film music career. While my career deviated slightly from that path, OC ReMix projects were a great motivator to get something I was proud of out in front of a lot of listeners. While the production, composition, and arrangement hasn't aged particularly gracefully (at least, in my biased ears), I can hear bits of understanding of how to piece an orchestral arrangment together, and it's wild to think about this being 20 years old. I don't think 2003 would ever have guessed that it would have led to where I am now.

Danny Baranowsky (original): This composition is one that I am most proud of at this time in my musical development. This is what I consider my best orchestral work to date. It's a highly interpretive film score rendition of "Ending" from Super Metroid. Created with Reason 2.5.

It is the final piece in a great collaboration organized by Protricity. I hope you enjoy it!

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