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Good Luck / Tasuku Hatanaka

グッドラック / 畠中祐


Disc 1

01 グッドラック
02 Psycho
03 Endless Love
04 グッドラック (Instrumental)
05 Psycho (Instrumental)
06 Endless Love (Instrumental)



M-01 - TV Anime "Overtake!" Ending Theme
Composer: Kiyoshi Ikegami
Arranger: Kiyoshi Ikegami
Lyricist: yumeiroecho

M-02 - Movie "Kazoku to iu Yamai" Theme Song
Composer: Jeff Miyahara
Arranger: Jeff Miyahara
Lyricist: Kanata Okajima

M-03 - iOS/Android Game "Ikemen Vampire: Temptation in the Dark" 5th Anniversary Tie-up Song
Composer: Naoyuki Watanuki
Arranger: Hana (Gacharic Spin)
Lyricist: Naoyuki Watanuki

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