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The Zelda Selection

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 198009169344
Release Date Sep 01, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherPixel Mixers / /
Phonographic CopyrightPixel Mixers / /



Disc 1

01 Title Screen (from "The Legend of Zelda") 2:57
02 Overworld (from "The Legend of Zelda") 2:52
03 Dungeon (from "The Legend of Zelda") 3:23
04 Battle (from "The Adventure of Link") 3:40
05 The Great Palace (from "The Adventure of Link") 2:04
06 Kakariko Village (from "A Link to the Past") 3:44
07 Hyrule Castle (from "A Link to the Past") 3:33
08 Princess Zelda's Rescue (from "A Link to the Past") 3:01
09 Ending Theme (from "A Link to the Past") 4:22
10 Link Is Awake (from "Link's Awakening") 2:16
11 Ballad of the Wind Fish (from "Link's Awakening") 4:43
12 Title Theme (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:44
13 Navi the Fairy (from "Ocarina of Time") 1:15
14 Inside a House (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:02
15 Kaepora Gaebora (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:05
16 Hyrule Field (from "Ocarina of Time") 4:23
17 Market Town (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:33
18 Potion Shop (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:24
19 Zelda's Lullaby (from "Ocarina of Time") 5:07
20 Lon Lon Ranch (from "Ocarina of Time") 4:00
21 Lost Woods (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:06
22 Goron City (from "Ocarina of Time") 3:20
23 Gerudo Valley (from "Ocarina of Time") 3:10
24 Great Fairy Fountain (from "Ocarina of Time") 6:11
25 Song of Time (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:35
26 Fire Temple (from "Ocarina of Time") 3:54
27 Ice Cavern (from "Ocarina of Time") 2:16
28 Water Temple (from "Ocarina of Time") 3:58
29 Song of Storms (from "Ocarina of Time") 4:34
30 Ganondorf Battle (from "Ocarina of Time") 4:18
31 Title Theme (from "Majora's Mask") 2:06
32 Clock Town Day 1 (from "Majora's Mask") 4:03
33 Astral Observatory (from "Majora's Mask") 4:28
34 Milk Bar (from "Majora's Mask") 3:39
35 Sonata of Awakening (from "Majora's Mask") 6:25
36 Boss Battle (from "Majora's Mask") 3:31
37 Goron Lullaby (from "Majora's Mask") 3:34
38 Song of Healing (from "Majora's Mask") 3:42
39 Great Bay Coast (from "Majora's Mask") 2:34
40 New Wave Bossa Nova (from "Majora's Mask") 3:43
41 Ikana Castle (from "Majora's Mask") 2:58
42 Stone Tower Temple (from "Majora's Mask") 4:22
43 Giant's Temple (from "Majora's Mask") 6:04
44 Tatl & Tael (from "Majora's Mask") 2:47
Disc length 153:26



We are really happy to release a new compilation of our past albums to official platforms thanks to Soundrop!
"The Zelda Selection" is a 44 tracks tribute album to the music of NES, SNES and N64 era of Zelda games.
We hope you like it 🙂

Track 1 Arranger and Performer: The Geeky Guitarist

Track 2 Arranger: Hugo Junstrand
Track 2 Performers: Hugo Junstrand, Dacian Grada, Janne Sala, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Charles Ritz, VictorTheGuitarNerd

Track 3 Arranger and Performer: Soundole

Track 4 Arranger: Mark Autumn
Track 4 Performers: Mark Autumn, ViolinGamer

Track 5 Arranger and Performer: Yendorami

Track 6 Arranger and Performer: Ian Martyn

Track 7 Arranger: Hashel
Track 7 Performers: Hashel, Agus Rios, Leo Val

Track 8 Arranger: Jer Roque
Track 8 Performer: Jer Roque, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Leo Val, Peter Kim, ZeldaRocks

Track 9 Arranger and Performer: Hugo Junstrand

Track 10 Arranger and Performer: Kain White

Track 11 Arranger: Danilo Ciaffi
Track 11 Performers: Danilo Ciaffi, Alex Heflin, Bassoonify, Dacian Grada, Erika Richards, Hashel, Hugo Junstrand, Jer Roque, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Kain White, Lord Bif Music, Mairiba, Marc Papeghin, Mark Autumn, May Claire La Plante, Orchestral Fantasy, Psamathes

Track 12 Arranger: GuitarSVD
Track 12 Performers: GuitarSVD, GamerOfTheWinds

Track 13 Arranger and Performer: Schneider Souza

Track 14 Arranger: Peter Reid Jones
Track 14 Performers: Peter Reid Jones, John Montoya

Track 15 Arranger: Kain White
Track 15 Performers: Kain White, Prjzcalavera

Track 16 Arranger and Performer: Hugo Junstrand

Track 17 Arranger: Prjzcalavera
Track 17 Performers: Prjzcalavera, Dacian Grada, Kain White, RichGC

Track 18 Arranger and Performer: Paper Coelacanth

Track 19 Arranger: Danilo Ciaffi
Track 19 Performers: Danilo Ciaffi, Hasel

Track 20 Arranger and Performer: DS Music

Track 21 Arranger: Fredrik Häthén
Track 21 Performers: Fredrik Häthén, Bassoonify, Diana Dunn, GamerOfTheWinds, Phoenix Down RPG, Sean Schafianski

Track 22 Arranger: Soul In Sadness
Track 22 Perfomers: Soul In Sadness, Torby Brand

Track 23 Arranger and Performer: Luis Vasquez

Track 24 Arranger and Performer: Densle

Track 25 Arranger and Performer: John Paul Hayward

Track 26 Arranger and Performer: J64

Track 27 Arranger and Performer: Chromatic Apparatus

Track 28 Arranger: RebeccaETripp
Track 28 Performers: RebeccaETripp, Gabriel Tripp

Track 29 Arranger: Erika Richards
Track 29 Performers: Erika Richards, GuitarSVD

Track 30 Arranger and Performer: soundyg

Track 31 Arranger and Performer: GuitarSVD

Track 32 Arranger: RichGC
Track 32 Performers: RichGC, Chromatic Apparatus, Dacian Grada, Earth Kid, GamerOfTheWinds, GuitarSVD, Kain White, Prjzcalavera, Terminated Weasel, Torby Brand

Track 33 Arranger and Performer: Metatron

Track 34 Arranger and Performer: Rexy

Track 35 Arranger: Kenny Jr.
Track 35 Performers: Kenny Jr., DonoDeluxe, R-Man, Soul in Sadness, tibonev, TSori

Track 36 Arranger and Performer: Soul In Sadness

Track 37 Arranger and Performer: GamerOfTheWinds

Track 38 Arranger and Performer: The Geeky Guitarist

Track 39 Arranger and Performer: tibonev

Track 40 Arranger and Performer: Justin Thornburgh

Track 41 Arranger and Performer: Dinnick the 3rd

Track 42 Arranger: Earth Kid
Track 42 Performers: Earth Kid, Erika Richards, Reuben Spiers

Track 43 Arranger: Capt'n Shred
Track 43 Performers: Capt'n Shred, Hugo Junstrand, Psamathes

Track 44 Arranger and Performer: Andy-Ru

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