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Arwing Odyssey (Music from "Star Fox 64")

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 02, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
LabelRespawned Records / /
PublisherRo Panuganti / /
Phonographic CopyrightRo Panuganti / /


Guitars / Ro Panuganti, Colbydude
Bass / Ro Panuganti
Vocals / Ro Panuganti
Drum Programming / Ro Panuganti
Piano / Ro Panuganti
Mixing / Ro Panuganti
Mastering / Ro Panuganti
Trombone / Allison Martin
Trumpet / Allison Martin
Original Compositions by / Koji Kondo / , Hajime Wakai /
Album Artwork / TOM POLLOCK JR
Mix Assistance / SixteenInMono, Christian Richardson, Alejandro Hernandez
Special Thanks / early listeners, feedback providers, my inspirational family and heritage and friends who supported me to write and play, the community that harbors creativity, SixteenInMono, Christian Richardson, Alejandro Hernandez


Disc 1

01 The Opening 1:39
02 Corneria 2:01
03 Meteo 1:07
04 Sector Y and Solar 2:10
05 Star Wolf 2:04
06 Fortuna and Sector Z 1:54
07 Katina 2:26
08 Boss Battle 1 1:43
09 Aquas 2:35
10 Sector X 1:55
11 Zoness 2:29
12 Boss Battle 2 1:37
13 Titania and Macbeth 2:20
14 Bolse 1:29
15 Area 6 2:02
16 Boss Battle 3 1:49
17 Venom 2:01
18 Andross Fight 2:27
19 Ultimate Andross 2:15
Disc length 38:03



Arwing Odyssey is a progressive metal tribute to the Nintendo 64 sci-fi action game Star Fox 64, compiling every track from its fast-paced interplanetary levels into hard hitting riffs and expressive guitar solos. The album takes the listener through the game's many branching courses with 8-string guitar thump techniques, symphonic rock elements, and dedication to the original game's soundtrack. Arwing Odyssey is engineered to embrace the modern metal sound with its 1990s video game source to share an adventure completely out of this world.

Ro Panuganti is a home-studio guitarist and musician, best known for covering video game soundtracks in progressive rock/metal styles and writing music for the world.
released December 2, 2022

Ro Panuganti - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Piano, Mixing, Mastering
Allison Martin - Trombone and Trumpet on Track 10
Colbydude - Guitars on Track 12
Original compositions by Koji Kondo, Hajime Wakai

TOM POLLOCK JR - Album Artwork

Special thanks to early listeners, feedback providers, my inspirational family and heritage and friends who supported me to write and play, and the community that harbors creativity.
Special thanks to SixteenInMono, Christian Richardson, and Alejandro Hernandez for feedback and mix assistance.

Mechanically licensed through Easy Song Licensing
Released simultaneously under Respawned Records

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