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beatmania IIDX REMIX for 10th Success Anniversary


Disc 1

01 Astral Voyage ~akakage's sweet peaktime samba~ 6:53
02 System Romance ~DJ 19 REMIX~ 7:02
03 desolation ~dj Remo-con ReMixx~ 5:13
04 Snow, Moon, and Flowers ~DJ TOMO'S NIBURU MIX~ 6:40
05 Pandora ~DJ WADA Remix~ 6:20
06 SCORE ~Mars on mix~ 5:51
07 Think of me ~ASYLUM Mix~ 5:41
08 Back Into The Light ~A DAY IN THE LIGHT Mix~ 5:37
09 DoLL ~L.E.D. Style Mix~ 5:20
10 Love Is Eternity ~SF SYNTH TRANCE MIX~ 5:42
11 Ready To Rockit Blues ~dj TAKA remix~ 5:49
12 bit mania 4:47
13 Colors 4:48
Disc length 75:43



01 Artist: EeL [Remixed by akakage]
Original Composition: Tomosuke
Remix and additional production: Yoichiro Ito a.k.a. akakage
Mixed at Studio Meiraku

02 Artist: AKIRA YAMAOKA [Remixed by DJ 19]
Original Composition: AKIRA YAMAOKA
Remix and additional production: DJ 19 & H.GARDEN
Recorded & Mixed at ELECTRO CALM STUDIO

03 Artist: Mr.T [Remixed by dj Remo-con]
Original Composition: Tomoyuki Uchida

04 Artist: Ryu☆ [Remixed by DJ TOMO]
Original Composition: Ryu☆
Remix and additional production: DJ TOMO
Recorded & Mixed at X-TRA STUDIO

05 Artist: dj TAKA feat. Tomomi [Remixed by DJ WADA]
Original Composition: Takayuki Ishikawa
Remix and additional production: DJ WADA, MASE
Recorded & Mixed at CUT *P studio

06 Artist: dj Remo-con [Remixed by Susumu Yokota]
Original Composition: dj Remo-con
Remix and additional production: SUSUMU YOKOTA
Recorded & Mixed at moon studio

07 Artist: good-cool feat. Sana [Remixed by AKIRA YAMAOKA]
Original Composition: Tatsuya Furukawa

08 Artist: Sota Fujimori [Remixed by SLAKE]
Original Composition: Sota Fujimori

09 Artist: TЁЯRA [Remixed by L.E.D.]
Original Composition: jun

10 Artist: kors k [Remixed by Sota Fujimori]
Original Composition: kors k

11 Artist: SLAKE [Remixed by dj TAKA]
Original Composition: SLAKE

Bonus Tracks
from beatmania IIDX secret LIVE ~one night premiumi party~ 2003.09.13


13 Artist: dj TAKA

Mastering Engineer: Toshiya Horiuchi at Sony Music Studios Tokyo

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