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Symphonic Shades - Hülsbeck in Concert

Symphonic Shades: Chris Hülsbeck Vol. 10
Catalog Number HCD10 (reprint of HCD10) [Extra Credits]
Barcode 402872300021
Release Date May 20, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 17.95 EUR
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Live Event, Original Work
Organizations synSONIQ Records / / (Publisher)
Composed by Chris Hülsbeck
Arranged by Jonne Valtonen, Yuzo Koshiro / , Takenobu Mitsuyoshi / , Chris Hülsbeck, Adam Klemens
Performed by WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne / (Juraj Cizmarovic, Dan Lupu), FILMharmonic Choir Prague, Jari Salmela, Rony Barrak, Benyamin Nuss
Lyrics by Michael Hauser, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi /
Conducted by Arnold Roth, Stanislav Mistr
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1 Arrangement, Live Event

01 Grand Monster Slam (Opening Fanfare) 2:47
02 X-Out (Main Theme) 5:13
03 Jim Power in »Mutant Planet« (Main Theme) 5:39
04 Tower of Babel 4:41
05 Turrican 3 – Payment Day (Piano Suite) 5:20
06 Gem’X (Main Theme) 3:42
07 Apidya II (Suite) 5:27
08 R-Type (Main Theme) 5:20
09 Licht am Ende des Tunnels (Suite) 5:11
10 The Great Giana Sisters (Suite) 5:32
11 Rony Barrak-Solo 3:05
12 Tunnel B1 (Suite) 5:00
13 Symphonic Shades 4:14
14 Karawane der Elefanten 4:13
15 Turrican II – The Final Fight (Renderings: Main Theme) 9:08
Disc length 74:32


With its transparent standard-tray the second edition is lower priced than the first edition of "Symphonic Shades", all other details including CD content and the extensive booklet with interview, photos and artwork are identical.

Notes from Parent Album:
Also released on iTunes for $9.99.

August 23, 2008, Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Köln

WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne and FILMharmonic Choir Prague

Music composed by Chris Hülsbeck
Arranged and orchestrated by Jonne Valtonen

Guest arrangers: Yuzo Koshiro (3), Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (7) and Adam Klemens (7, 14)

Conductor: Arnold Roth
Choir Master: Stanislav Mistr

Orchestra Manager: Winfried Fechner
Choir Manager: Petr Pycha

Performed by:
WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne (1-4, 6-10, 12-15)
  Concertmaster: Juraj Cizmarovic
  Violoncello: Dan Lupu
FILMharmonic Choir Prague (2, 7-9, 14)
Piano: Benyamin Nuss (5)
Darbuka: Rony Barrak (11, 12)
Piano: Jari Salmela (15)

Mixer: Peter Eichenseher
Sound Engineer: Andreas Gernemann-Paulsen
Edit and Mastering: Thomas Kupilas

Art Director: Stefan Ellerich
Cover Artwork: Hitoshi Ariga
Artistic Advisor: Roberto Christen and Jochen Eeuwyk
Text: Matthias Oborski
Photos: Philippe Ramakers and Thomas Böcker

Associate Producer: Jan Zottmann
Executive Producer: Thomas Böcker

Special Thanks: Sebastian Eichholz, Matthias Ziegs, Heiko Kaspers, Matthias Opdenhövel and Factor 5.

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