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The Symphony of Hades

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 11, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherPremium Vintage / /


Artist / Premium Vintage (Mark "Mahn" Schimmelbusch, Carrie Wood, Angel Hernandez)
Guitars / Mark "Mahn" Schimmelbusch
Arrangements / Mark "Mahn" Schimmelbusch, Carrie Wood
Bass / Carrie Wood
Drums / Angel Hernandez
Guest Vocals / Katy Scary, Lacey Johnson
Produced by / Mark Schimmelbusch
Mastering / Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar Productions)
Album Art / Sludgework
All Songs Originally Composed by / Darren Korb


Disc 1

01 No Escape 2:24
02 The Painful Way 5:02
03 Scourge of the Furies 6:00
04 Lament of Orpheus (ft. Katy Scary) 4:14
05 Final Expense 2:40
06 The King and the Bull 4:07
07 God of the Dead 8:35
08 In the Blood (ft. Lacey Johnson and Katy Scary) 4:13
Disc length 37:15



"The Symphony of Hades" takes you back to Hell, where eight tracks from the critically acclaimed indie game Hades have been re-imagined as orchestral metal!

Review by Charon: "URGGHRRRAA"

Mark "Mahn" Schimmelbusch: Guitars, arrangements
Carrie Wood: Bass, arrangements
Angel Hernandez: Drums
Katy Scary and Lacey Johnson: Guest vocals

Produced by Mark Schimmelbusch
Mastering by Erik Peabody - Viking Guitar Productions (

Album art by Sludgework (

All songs originally composed by Darren Korb

Premium Vintage are: Mark "Mahn" Schimmelbusch, Carrie Wood, Angel Hernandez

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