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Thunderbirds Are Go Series 2: Original Television Soundtrack

Catalog Number SILCD1604
Barcode 738572160425
Release Date Aug 23, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 16.87 GBP
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelSilva Screen Records / /
Phonographic CopyrightSilva Screen Records Ltd. / /


Music Composed by / Ben Foster, Nick Foster, Barry Gray
Music Arranged by / Ben Foster, Nick Foster
Music Mixed by / Ben Foster, Nick Foster
Music Mixed at / AIR Studios, London
Orchestrated by / Ben Foster, Sam Thompson, Jim Fowler
Score Performed by / The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by / Ben Foster
Leader / Lucie Svehlova
Orchestra Recorded by / Jan Holzner
Orchestra Recorded at / Smecky Studios
Orchestral Sessions Produced by / Nick Foster
Orchestral Management / James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd
Session Co-producer / James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd
Translator / Stanja Vomackova
Music Preparation / Sam Thompson, Jiri Simunek
Trumpet Overdubs / Tom Rees-Roberts
Trumpet Solos / Tom Rees-Roberts
Assistant to the Composers / Sam Thompson
Additional Production / Sam Thompson
Mastered by / John Webber
Mastered at / AIR Studios
Score Co-ordination / Manners McDade
Thanks / Giles Ridge, Estelle Hughes, Teresa Reed, everyone at ITV and CITV, the brilliant writers, voice artists, directors and animators at Pukeko, Stirling Road, Peacock Sound for making such a fantastic show, all our friends at AIR Studios, Nigel Heath, Brad Rees, the mighty Hackenbacker crew, James Fitzpatrick, Jan, all at Smecky Studios, the fantastic CoPPO, Tom Rees-Roberts, Ruby Wasmuth, Catherine Manners, David Stoner, Reynold D'Silva at Silva Screen for going double.
Special Thanks / Sam Thompson
Executive Producers / Reynold D'Silva, David Stoner
Design Layout / Stuart Ford


Disc 1

01 TV-21
02 Thunderbirds March
03 Surveyor Located
04 Ray Mechas
05 The Mechanic
06 International Rescue Vs The Mechanic
07 The Jeff Tracy Fix
08 I Am The Mechanic
09 Welcome Back Ned
10 Maximum Max
11 Sorry Dad / Epilogue
12 Lovely Day For A Massive Drone Malfunction
13 Mission On
14 Trying To Rescue Fischler
15 A New Home
16 Bay City
17 The Sunken Mansion
18 Here To Take You Home
19 Parker Foils The Mechanic
20 Gold Rush
21 Warning Shot
22 Stealth Shadow / Crash Landing
23 Visiting Hours
24 Eating Dust
25 The Whole World's Gone Bananas
26 How Fast Can You Run?
27 A Really Big Hole
28 Mechanic Jailbreak
29 The Hood Makes His Escape
30 An Anomaly In Space
31 A Really Big Ball Of Water And Rock
32 Giving The Comet Another Push
33 Global One
34 Thunderbird Three Inside The Comet
35 Rogue Loading Claw
36 Heavy Lifting
37 Orchestra Hits
38 Atlantis
39 The Lost Kingdom
Disc 2

01 Listen
02 Ready To Launch
03 Scott Pulls The Plug
04 Go 4 It Gordy
05 Grand Sequoia Dam
06 Gordon Takes A Bath
07 The Mechanic Fights Back
08 The Hood's Masquerade
09 The Rig
10 "Is It Supposed To Sound Like That?"
11 Something Big Is Coming
12 A Disaster Of Global Proportions
13 Professor Quentin Questa
14 Lava !
15 Eruption
16 "Unlimited Wealth Will Be Mine..."
17 Hoverbikes
18 Badlands Valley
19 Chased By Reptiles
20 Lizards!
21 Heading Downriver
22 What An Adventure
23 Meltdown
24 Slough
25 Thunderbird 2 Is Going Into Space
26 Into Orbit
27 From Heated To Completed
28 Conrad Makes His Choice
29 If I Could Turbine Time
30 Light-Fingered Fred
31 Project Sentinel Online
32 One Life Sign Trapped Inside
33 Space Elevator
34 Lazer Quest
35 A Single Massive Shot
36 Redemption
37 Chaos Incoming
38 Thunderbirds March (Minor Version)

  Total tracks 77


Music composed, arranged and mixed by Ben Foster and Nick Foster at AIR Studios, London

All tracks composed by Ben Foster and Nick Foster except 1-02, 2-38 composed by Barry Gray; arranged by Ben Foster and Nick Foster.

Orchestrated by Ben Foster and Sam Thompson
Score performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; conducted by Ben Foster
Leader: Lucie Svehlova

Orchestra recorded by Jan Holzner at Smecky Studios
Orchestral sessions produced by Nick Foster
Orchestral management and session co-producer: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd
Translator: Stanja Vomackova
Music preparation by Sam Thompson and Jiri Simunek
Trumpet overdubs and solos by Tom Rees-Roberts
CD 1, tracks 12-14 orchestrated by Jim Fowler

Assistant to the composers and additional production - Sam Thompson

Album mastered by John Webber at AIR Studios

Score co-ordination: Manners McDade

A TB2-sized thank you to Giles Ridge, Estelle Hughes, Teresa Reed and everyone at ITV and CITV; to the brilliant writers, voice artists, directors and animators at Pukeko, Stirling Road and Peacock Sound for making such a fantastic show; to all our friends at AIR Studios, to Nigel Heath, Brad Rees and the mighty Hackenbacker crew; to James Fitzpatrick, Jan and all at Smecky Studios and the fantastic CoPPO; to Tom Rees-Roberts; to Ruby Wasmuth and Catherine Manners, and to David Stoner & Reynold D'Silva at Silva Screen for going double.

Special thanks to the one and only Sam Thompson.

All music published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Executive Producers for Silva Screen Records Ltd: Reynold D'Silva and David Stoner
Design layout by Stuart Ford

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