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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS The Diaries of Olan: Composers Edition

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date 2005
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
Published by
Composed by Masaharu Iwata / , Hitoshi Sakimoto /
Arranged by Andrew James Thomas
Performed by Andrew James Thomas


Disc 1

01 Ending the Fifty Year War 0:54
02 For the Love of Ovelia 0:59
03 Across the Land and Over the Sea 3:24
04 Only In My Arms 1:36
05 Delita's Sorrow 0:58
06 Burned At the Stake/End Credits 3:39
07 Delita's Sorrow Suite (+Bonus) 2:59
08 Diaries of Olan Piano Sweet (+Bonus) 2:05
Disc length 16:34
Disc 2

01 A Different Beginning 1:11
02 Early Writings of the Diary 1:00
03 Ambush at the Castle 0:57
04 Delita's Deception 1:18
05 Enter the Swampy Forest 0:56
06 Cue Excerpt Chapter End (Draft Recording) 0:36
07 Regrettable Algus (Orchestrated) 1:18
08 Ancient Evil Asleep 0:18
09 Olan Graduates from High School (Easter Egg) 0:43
10 The Zodiac Prophecy 1:32
11 Alma's Sacrifice 1:07
12 Final Diary Entry 1:58
Disc length 12:54


Tracks 07 and 08 on Disc 1 are bonus tracks. It is worth mentioning that the "+Bonus" tag precedes filenames on both tracks, and although not present on their metadata as part of their titles, these were renamed as (+Bonus) by the author as a final revision of the tracklist.

Released first during 2001 as a "one disc" score comprised of six tracks with a second release during 2003 with two additional tracks. The "Composers Edition", which is a complete edition, was released during 2005 with an additional disc with twelve more tracks, artwork, and a "Listeners Guide".

Art by Son Gosai.


Diaries of Olan Listeners Guide
(Relevant info taken from the document included with the Composers Edition)


As an avid PS gamer during my early high school years, I obtained this game called Final Fantasy Tactics. As amazing as the game was, the storyline itself captivated me. When I wasn’t gaming, I was working on film or orchestral projects. Being a huge fan of Japanese Composers like Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Kanno, [and] Koji Kondo I felt it’d be great idea to start out practicing my skills by reprising a familiar theme. FFT had an amazing game score, and to take it and put it into a movie format was something that I thought would have to be done. At the time I was limited to some simple midi tools, and two hands. I wrote the score out onto sheet music during my third period class (calculus blah!), and got home and recorded sessions on my old Sony PCM recorder. At the time I was a member of a popular game music channel on IRC, dalnet. I released it in there, and people seemed to enjoy it. It was highly criticized for being amateurish, but I didn’t mind seeing that I was an amateur at the time.

As months passed, the score’s popularity began to fade and I thought that would be the end of it. But several more months, I found a couple fan sites, forums, and foreign sites discussing the score.

In 2003, I did a re-release of the score containing two bonus tracks. This had become more rare than the first one, as it was mistaken for the same thing. The second bonus track was actually inspired by Yoko Kanno, with half a cue from Escaflowne.

Now, you know the background of my work. I appreciate you for taking an interest and giving me the inspiration to keep this project alive for five years.


The original Diaries of Olan was six tracks and about 11:26 total run time. It was recorded in a high wave PCM format, and compressed down to 128 KBPS mp3 format (yuck, but at the time that was alright). Unfortunately, the master recordings were destroyed and re-mastering the album was impossible.

The expanded Diaries of Olan was eight tracks and contained about 16:29 of music. Again, the tracks had gotten the same treatment and the masters were lost. I have included this particular album as the first disc of the set.


With the release of the composers edition, I have included two discs, all of the art work that was considered for the project, and approximately 29:22 of music. There are draft recordings, sessions, orchestrated versions, all the bells and whistles any good complete edition would have.


Disc two on the set contains all new music that has never been heard by any ears other than my own. It was mostly sheet music that I had written but never used for the original album. Since I am a professional now, I have processed the newer tracks with my current equipment and/or orchestrated them. There are some tracks that were recorded awhile ago, but just got incorporated into this album now.

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