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The Good Life Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 13, 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsWhite Owls Inc., PLAYISM


Composer / Shota Nakama / , Jason Soudah, Shotaro Kageyama / , Keiichi Sugiyama / , Henry Rowley Bishop, Courtney Knott
Arrangement / Keiichi Sugiyama /
Acoustic Guitar / Shota Nakama /
Lyrics / Jason Soudah, Courtney Knott
Lead Vocal / Jason Soudah, Courtney Knott
Electric Guitar / Masato Itoh / , Shota Nakama /
Keyboard / Derek Dupuis, Ty Baillie
Bass / Louis A. Ochoa
Drums / Bruno Valverde
Strings / Four For Music, Sofia Session Orchestra
Chorus / Swery, Naoko Kinshou, Ririko Hirako, Mamiko Suehiro, Alice Shimomura, Natsuko Mitsui, Risa Katsura, Akira Kusaka, Gwen Foster, Maho Azuma, Shota Nakama / , Wataru Igarashi, Maiko Igarashi, Studio Qareeb
Background Vocals / Shota Nakama / , Louis A. Ochoa, Swery, Yukio, Yugo, Amane
Trumpet / Jay Jennings
Brass Programming / Daniel Lindholm


Disc 1

01 The Good Life 4:02
02 All You Need is Pub 2:06
03 Can't Help Pauline in Love 1:52
04 Evans for Sale 0:51
05 Go Sheep Racer Go! 1:49
06 Home Sweet Home 1:44
07 Money! Money! 4:22
Disc length 16:46



Shota Nakama (Composer / Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar)
Jason Soudah (Composer / Lyrics / Lead Vocal)
Masato Itoh (Electric Guitar)
Derek Dupuis (Keyboard)
Louis A. Ochoa (Bass)
Bruno Valverde (Drums)
Strings: Four For Music & Sofia Session Orchestra

'The Good Life': Chorus
Hidetaka Suehiro (credited as Swery)
Naoko Kinshou
Ririko Hirako
Mamiko Suehiro
Alice Shimomura
Natsuko Mitsui
Risa Katsura
Akira Kusaka
Gwen Foster
Maho Azuma
Shota Nakama
Wataru Igarashi
Maiko Igarashi
Studio Qareeb

Composer: Shotaro Kageyama (Composer)

Keiichi Sugiyama (Composer)

Henry Rowley Bishop (Composer)
Keiichi Sugiyama (Arrangement)

Shota Nakama (Composer / Electric Guitar / Background Vocals)
Courtney Knott (Composer / Lyrics / Lead Vocal)
Jay Jennings (Trumpet)
Ty Baillie (Keyboard)
Masato Itoh (Electric Guitar)
Louis A. Ochoa (Bass / Background Vocals)
Bruno Valverde (Drums)
Daniel Lindholm (Brass Programming)
Hidetaka Suehiro (Background Vocals [credited as Swery])
Yukio [Background Vocals]
Yugo [Background Vocals]
Amane [Background Vocals]

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The Good Life
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