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Red Hot Fire Dance / Katsumi Tanaka

灼熱のファイヤーダンス / 田中勝己
Catalog Number NADL-1096
Barcode 4988041008062
Release Date Oct 21, 1995
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1200 JPY
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherNEC Avenue / /
Phonographic CopyrightNEC Avenue / /


Composer / Katsumi Tanaka /
Arranger / Katsumi Tanaka / , Mighty K.David, Kenji "curry" Kishinaga, Nobuo "guitarist" Ohbayashi
Performer / Katsumi Tanaka /
Lyricist / Katsumi Tanaka /
Recording Engineer / Kazumasa Shikamura, Kazumasa "skinhead" Shikamura
Mixing Engineer / Mighty K.David


Disc 1

01 Red Hot Fire Dance (extended king version / airplay edit)
02 Red Hot Fire Dance (extended king karaoke version) / Red Hot Fire Dance (original version)
03 Red Hot Fire Dance (acid fire dub)
04 Red Hot Fire Dance (breakbeats)



Theme song for the Bayoen Tour '95 and the theme song for the Saturn Game "Puyo Puyo Tsu"

Track 2 is in two part (2 different songs in 1 track):
2-1 : Red Hot Fire Dance (extended king karaoke version)
2-2 : Red Hot Fire Dance (original version)

released by LMSCommunications.
marketed by NECAvenue,Ltd.
presented by compile corpolation.
soundrecording is owned by LMSMusic.corporation (entertainment.)
organization by masamitsu niitani (compile)
executive produced and performed by katsumi tanaka (LMS/musicsyndicate)
public relations by kazuhiro kounoue (compile)
project managed by kazunori ikeda (compile)
a and r by kotaro muroi (NECAvenue,Ltd.)

all songs written and arranged by katsumi tanaka (LMS / musicsyndicate)
background additional arranged by mighty k.david and are made of this.
sampled junglebeats supervized by raggacrew of iwakuni base.
vocal additional arranged by kenji "curry" kishinaga (
chorus additional arranged by nobuo "guitarist" ohbayashi (LMSMusic.)
published by musicsyndicate a group of LMSMusic.
other samplebites licence cleared on
artist appointment and managed by machone network(s) 082-506-1412
                                                     machone/east infortainment tokyo.japan,
background recorded and mixed by hitfactory.japan (LMS) 082-506-1413
mixing engineered by mighty k.david and are made of this.
vo. / cho. recorded and remastered at recording studio M 092-285-0410
vo. / cho. recording engineered by kazumasa shikamura (recording studio M)
※track 3 dub version engineered by kazumasa "skinhead" shikamura (recording studio M)

referenced by B&W loudspeakers,england. (hitfactory.japan)
                     GENELEC powered monitor,finland. (
macintosh(c) computer used on Quadra650 / RAM136MB / HDD7GB
midi interface device used on mark of the unicorn midi time piece 1/2
song sequence and notation used on emagic deutsch LOGICaudio ver2.02
background recording device on teac tascam division
digital mixing device on yamaha dmr8 (20bit bitstream)
vo.and cho. recording device on sony digital multitrack pcm-3324
instruments support and repair by kico music inc. 082-231-3710
videoclip derected by yasuaki denmyouji (
art direction and cover designed by katsumi tanaka (LMS/musicsyndicate)
art operations,type setting by fukusaburo kido (compile)
illustrations by soncho sawa (compile)
art operations,by yumi horie (NECAvenue,Ltd.)

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