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March Caprice Concert Soirée Vol. 1 -Bits and Bytes-

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 198009627868
Release Date Mar 29, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherGameGrooves Charity / / , March Caprice / /
Phonographic CopyrightGameGrooves / /


Album Co-producers / Ro Panuganti, David Russell
Tracks Composed by / Yoko Shimomura / , Hikaru Utada / , Walshy, Danny Elfman, Elaxn, Takeharu Ishimoto /
Arranger / Project Destati, Walshy, Lowlander, Game & Sound, Nah Tony, SilverTom, Theology, Rude Lard, HypochondriacPiano, oatzams, Jennifer Xiao, Titan, CelloBear, Daniel Romberger, Timoram, Daan Demmers, cartridj, Ian Martyn
Producer / Project Destati, Walshy, Lowlander, Game & Sound, Nah Tony, SilverTom, Theology, Rude Lard, HypochondriacPiano, oatzams, Jennifer Xiao, CelloBear, Timoram
Performer / Project Destati, Walshy, Lowlander, Game & Sound, Nah Tony, SilverTom, Theology, Rude Lard, HypochondriacPiano, oatzams, Jennifer Xiao, CelloBear, The Game Brass, Timoram
Production / Daan Demmers, cartridj
Synth Solo / Daan Demmers
Vocals / Emma Wynne, Elaxn, Titan
Background Vocals / cartridj
Trumpet / cartridj, Chris Lucca (FLiPLUKA)
Piano Solo / yell0
Original Composition / Walshy*, Elaxn*
Remixed by / Meepmeep189
Featured Performer / Lizz Robinett
Mixing Engineer / Elaxn, Ian Martyn
Soprano Sax / Dionté George
Alto Sax / Dionté George
Percussion / Dionté George
Clarinet / Steven Higbee
Banjo / Lucas Guimaraes
Tuba / Alex Hill
Trumpet 1 / John Robert Matz
Trumpet 2 / Thein Amato
Horn / JohnStacy
Trombone / Daniel Romberger, Allison Martin
Video / Daniel Romberger, Robby Duguay, Thomas Kresge
Cello / Israfelcello (Andrew Dunn)
Guitar / shayne plunkett, Ian Martyn
Piano / david russell
Violin / Bethany Overbey
Low Whistle / Ian Martyn
Irish Bouzouki / Ian Martyn
Licensing Assistance / Allen Brasch
Distribution Assistance / Allen Brasch
Cross-track Leveling / Lowlander
Consultation / Lowlander
Album Artwork / cabletownart
Thanks / All March Caprice and GameGrooves staff


Disc 1

01 Project Destati - Dearly Beloved -City of Glass- 2:26
02 Daan Demmers - Simple and Clean 3:25
03 Walshy - Final Thoughts at Dusk 4:58
04 Meepmeep189 - Fragments of Lost Data - Cavern of Remembrance Synthwave Remix 4:40
05 Lowlander - Sacred Moon ft. Lizz Robinett 2:31
06 Game & Sound - Dark Impetus 3:11
07 Nah Tony - Rage Awakened 4:30
08 SilverTom - Fate of the Unknown 3:42
09 Theology - This is Halloween -Theology Remix- 4:21
10 Rude Lard - Dearly Beloved -Keyblade Forge Mix- 4:53
11 Elaxn - Rescue 3:50
12 HypochondriacPiano - Dark Impetus 3:42
13 oatzams - A Very Small Wish 2:49
14 Jennifer Xiao - Kairi 3:01
15 Dionté George - Sora's Theme 3:12
16 Titan - Lazy Afternoons -a cappella- 4:25
17 CelloBear - No More Bugs!! 2:54
18 The Game Brass - Scherzo di Notte 4:39
19 Timoram - Skyward Striker -Toy Box orchestral remix- 4:20
20 cartridj - Destiny's Union 4:17
21 Ian Martyn, Bethany Overbey - Dearly Beloved 2:12
Disc length 77:58



"March Caprice Concert Soirée Vol. 1 -Bits and Bytes-" is a collaborative video game music album from the 4th annual MARCH CAPRICE Concert Soirée. Combining the work of 21 musicians worldwide and cultivated from a common love and celebration of the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, this album features an eclectic blend of solo instrumental, jazz fusion, symphonic, and pumping electronic tracks. "-Bits and Bytes-" represents a particularly diverse corner of musicians and is a microcosm of the many wide-ranging and multifaceted styles found within the KINGDOM HEARTS series itself.

All proceeds go toward Decolonizing The Music Room (DTMR). DTMR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that centers Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian voices in music education and related fields by providing training and educational content to pre-service and practicing educators, and creating community programming for people of all ages.

Allen Brasch - Licensing and Distribution Assistance
Lowlander - Cross-track Leveling and Consultation
cabletownart - Album Artwork
All March Caprice and GameGrooves staff

Album co-producers: Ro Panuganti, David Russell

KINGDOM HEARTS is © 2002 Disney/Square Enix. GameGrooves LLC, March Caprice, and artists on this album are no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Disney/Square Enix with respect to this album. Musical compositions are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by Affordable Song Licensing.

©Ⓟ 2024 GameGrooves LLC

Tracks composed by:
Yoko Shimomura, Utada Hikaru, Walshy, Danny Elfman, Elaxn, Takeharu Ishimoto

-Track 1-
Project Destati: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 2-
Production, arrangement & synth solo - Daan Demmers

Vocals - Emma Wynne
Background vocals - cartridj
Trumpets - cartridj
Piano solo - yell0

-Track 3-
Original Composition by Walshy
Walshy: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 4-
Remixed by Meepmeep189 (
UI by Bowtie Artist (
Footage Courtesy of Chaineh & KHInsider

Dedicated to my Step-Father
Lee Hudman
1931 - 2024
Because what is lost is not forgotten

-Track 5-
Lowlander: Arranger, Producer, Performer
Lizz Robinett: Featured Performer

-Track 6-
Game & Sound: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 7-
Nah Tony: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 8-
SilverTom: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 9-
Theology: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 10-
Rude Lard: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 11-
Original Composition by Elaxn
Vocals and mix by Elaxn

-Track 12-
HypochondriacPiano: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 13-
oatzams: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 14-
Jennifer Xiao: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 15-
Dionté George (Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Percussion)
Steven Higbee (Clarinet)
Lucas Guimaraes (Banjo)
Alex Hill (Tuba)

-Track 16-
Arranger/Vocals: Titan
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Based on Souhei Kano's arrangement from the First Breath Concert

-Track 17-
CelloBear: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 18-
Performer: The Game Brass
Arranger: Daniel Romberger
Trumpet 1: John Robert Matz
Trumpet 2: Thein Amato
Horn: JohnStacy
Trombone: Daniel Romberger
Tuba: Alex Hill
Video: Daniel Romberger, Robby Duguay, Thomas Kresge
Composer: Yoko Shimomura

Social Media:
Twitter - @thegamebrass
Youtube -
Bluesky -
Website -

-Track 19-
Timoram: Arranger, Producer, Performer

----- Trumpet
Chris Lucca (FLiPLUKA) (he/him)
[email protected]

----- Trombone
Allison Martin (she/her)
[email protected]

----- Cello
Israfelcello (Andrew Dunn) (he/him)
[email protected]

-Track 20-
cartridj: arrangement, production
shayne plunkett: guitars
david russell: piano

-Track 21-
Bethany Overbey - violin
Ian Martyn - low whistle, Irish bouzouki, guitar, arrangement, mixing

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