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Gotta Go Fast: A Speedy Tribute to Sonic

Catalog Number GGE-24
Release Date Apr 01, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherGameGrooves / /


Arranger / Keira Donnelly, Shea's Violin, Chernabogue, Ronin Op F, giocko, Cool Danch, Ian Martyn, Ryu Matrix, Tre Watson, Ro Panuganti
Producer / Keira Donnelly, Shea's Violin, Chernabogue, Ronin Op F, giocko, Cool Danch, Ryu Matrix, Tre Watson, Ro Panuganti
Primary Arranger / Mitchell Bridwell
Keyboard / Mitchell Bridwell, giocko
Mixing / Mitchell Bridwell, Ian Martyn
Rhythm Guitar / Ro Panuganti, Lucas Guimaraes
Final Mixing / Ro Panuganti
Supplemental Arranging / Ro Panuganti
Bass / Ian Martyn, giocko
Performer / Keira Donnelly, Chernabogue, Ronin Op F, Cool Danch, Ryu Matrix, Tre Watson, Ro Panuganti
Violin / Shea's Violin
Guitar / Shea's Violin, giocko, Ian Martyn, Rusty Powers
Bongos / Shea's Violin
Upright Bass / Patrick Lindsley
Guitar Solo / Ro Panuganti
Trumpet / giocko
Vibraphone / V-Ron Media
Tenor Sax / Steven Higbee
Flute / Becca Michaelson
Vocals / Denver Dale
Drums / Andrew Gossett
Album Art / Pokérus Project
Album Mastering / Lowlander


Disc 1

01 Mitchell Bridwell - Special Stage (from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2") ft. Ro Panuganti, Ian Martyn, Lucas Guimaraes 1:43
02 Keira Donnelly - Rooftop Run (from "Sonic Unleashed") ft. Shea's Violin 1:31
03 Shea's Violin - Aquatic Ruin (from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2") ft. Patrick Lindsley 2:11
04 Chernabogue - Metallic Madness (from "Sonic CD") ft. Rusty Powers and Ro Panuganti 2:51
05 Ronin Op F - Enjoy This World (from "Sonic Frontiers") 2:15
06 giocko - I'm A Spy ...for Security Hall (from "Sonic Adventure 2") ft. V-Ron Media, Steven Higbee, Becca Michaelson 2:10
07 Cool Danch - Studiopolis Zone Act 1 (from "Sonic Mania") 2:08
08 Ian Martyn - Reach for the Stars ("Opening Theme" from "Sonic Colors") ft. Denver Dale, Andrew Gossett, and V-Ron Media 2:46
09 Ryu Matrix - Sand Ruins (from "Sonic Riders") 2:03
10 Tre Watson - Chemical Plant (from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2") 1:17
11 Ro Panuganti - Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest (from "Sonic Adventure 2") 2:57
Disc length 23:52



GameGrooves presents Gotta Go Fast: A Speedy Tribute to Sonic, in which every single track gets faster and faster in the spirit of the blue blur. From hyper-fast, unbelievable metal to speedy samba covers from Sonic the Hedgehog's lightning quick franchise, this album threatens the very notion of tempo at every turn with riffs and solos that are sure to make your head spin!

Album Art by Pokérus Project
Album Mastering by Lowlander
Producer: Ro Panuganti
Mechanical Licensing by Affordable Song Licensing

-Track 1-
Mitchell Bridwell: Primary Arranger, Keyboards, Preliminary mixing
Ro Panuganti: Rhythm Guitar, Final Mixing, Suplemental Arranging
Ian Martyn: Bass
Lucas Guimaraes: Rhythm Guitar

-Track 2-
Keira Donnelly: Arranger, Producer, Performer
Shea's Violin: Violin

-Track 3-
Shea's Violin: Arranger, Producer, Violin, Guitar, Bongos
Patrick Lindsley: Upright Bass

-Track 4-
Chernabogue: Arranger, Producer, Performer
Rusty Powers: Guitars
Ro Panuganti: Guitar Solo

-Track 5-
Ronin Op F: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 6-
giocko: Arranger, Producer, Trumpet, Keys, Guitar, Bass
V-Ron Media: Vibraphone
Steven Higbee: Tenor Sax
Becca Michaelson: Flute

-Track 7-
Cool Danch: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 8-
Ian Martyn: Arranger, Mixing, Guitar, Bass
Denver Dale: Vocals
Andrew Gossett: Drums
V-Ron Media: Vibraphone

-Track 9-
Ryu Matrix: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 10-
Tre Watson: Arranger, Producer, Performer

-Track 11-
Ro Panuganti: Arranger, Producer, Performer

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