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STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Director's Cut Original Soundtrack

スターオーシャンIII Till The End of Time ディレクターズカット オリジナル サウンドトラック
Catalog Number MICA-0137 (bootleg printing of KDSD-00026)
Barcode 4719314018378
Release Date 2004
Publish Format Bootleg
Release Price Unknown (Taiwan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
PublisherMiya Records / /
This album is a bootleg.
Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.


Composer / Motoi Sakuraba /
Arranger / Motoi Sakuraba /
Performer / Motoi Sakuraba / , Toshihiko Nakamura / , Atsushi Hasegawa /
Recording Engineer / Motoi Sakuraba / , Atsushi Kobayashi /
Assistant Engineer / Noriko Mihara /
Recording Studio / SOUND INN
Mixing Engineer / Motoi Sakuraba / , Atsushi Kobayashi /
Mixing Studio / SOUND INN
Mastering Engineer / Kazuya Sato /
Mastering Studio / Memory Tech
Programmer / Motoi Sakuraba / , Hiroya Hatsushiba /
Sound Director / Hiroya Hatsushiba /


Disc 1 [MICA-1037]

01 More Complicated 3:28
02 Beyond the One 3:48
03 Over the Planet 3:38
04 Flabbergasted 2:26
05 A Critical Moment 2:24
06 Intricate Match 2:14
07 Crisis of the Earth 2:10
08 You Know It Fails 1:07
09 Confidence in the Domination ~Band Recording 3:43
10 Highbrow ~Band Recording 7:37
11 Motoi Sakuraba PIANO Solo 3:42
Disc length 36:17



All Music Compose & Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba

Keyboard & Programming: Motoi Sakuraba
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Toshihiko Nakamura

[Game Staff]
Game Designer: Masaki Norimoto (tri-Ace)
Planning Director & Script: Hiroshi Ogawa (tri-Ace)
Field Programmer: Shigeru Ueki (tri-Ace)
Battle Programmer: Yuichiro Kitao (tri-Ace)
Character Designer: Jun Sato (tri-Ace)
Chief Character Designer: Keiichi Asai (tri-Ace)
Chief Animation Designer: Masaaki Yamashima (tri-Ace)
Chief Movie Designer: Kenichi kanekura (tri-Ace)
Chief Map Designer: Koji Minagawa (tri-Ace)
Sound Director & Sound Programmer: Hiroya Hatsushiba (tri-Crescendo)
Original Story & Technical Programmer & Director: Yoshiharu Gotanda (tri-Ace)
Producer: Yoshinori Yamagishi (SQUARE ENIX)

[CD Staff]
Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)
Director & A&R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)
Recording & Mix Engineer: Atsushi Kobayashi (SOUND INN Mixer's Crew)
                                       Motoi Sakuraba
Assistant Engineer: Noriko Mihara (SOUND INN)
Recording & Mix Studio: SOUND INN

Mastering Engineer: Kazuya Sato (Memory Tech)
Mastering Studio: Memory Tech

Graphic Design: Pictron

Public Relations & Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

Special Thanks: Yoshinori Yamagishi (SQUARE ENIX)
                        Yoshiharu Gotanda (tri-Ace)
                        Hiroya Hatsushiba (tri-Crescendo)
                        Yusaburo Shimojyo (tri-Crescendo)
                        Naoki Ohishi (SQUARE ENIX)  

Supervision: SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
                   tri-Ace Inc.

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