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Couple Walk/Oh no! Nice Groove

Catalog Number ICR-115
Release Date Dec 03, 1985
Publish Format Doujin/Indie, Event Only
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format Vinyl (7" 45 rpm)
Classification Original Work
OrganizationsJun Fukamachi


All Composed by / Jun Fukamachi /
All Arrangements / Jun Fukamachi /
Keyboards / Jun Fukamachi /
Electric Bass / Yasuo Tomikura /
Drums / Jun Aoyama /
Electric Guitar / Tohru Aoyama /
Percussion / Nobu Saito /
Directed by / Yutaka Fujimoto, Teruya Mae
Engineering / Noriyuki Hamazaki, Shin Sugihara
Recorded at / SMOKY Studio
Studio Co-ordinated by / Yoichi Ishida
Cover Designed by / Minoru Maeda /
Special Thanks / Smoky Studio, Mr. Mitsuru Izumikawa


Disc 1

01 Couple Walk 4:36
Side length 4:36
02 Oh no! Nice Groove 3:47
Side length 3:47



A vinyl single produced to commemorate the marriage of producer Yoshiharu Ohno, being distributed at the event.

"大野良治・一美 Main Theme"

TSURU (鶴) side ... "Couple Walk"
  KAME (亀) side ... "Oh no! Nice Groove"

    Keyboards ... Jun FUKAMACHI
    E. Bass ... Yasuo TOMIKURA
    Drums ... Jun AOYAMA
    E. Guitar ... Tohru AOYAMA
    Percussion ... Nobu SAITO

All Composed & Arrangements by Jun FUKAMACHI

Directed by Yutaka FUJIMOTO
                  Teruya MAE
Engineering by Noriyuki HAMAZAKI
                       Shin SUGIHARA
Studio Co-ordinated by Yoichi ISHIDA
Cover designed by Minoru MAEDA

Recorded at SMOKY Studio, Ginza, on 30-Oct.-'85

Special Thanks to Smoky Studio
                           Mr. Mitsuru Izumikawa

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