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Prescription for Sleep: Heavenly Avatar

Catalog Number SMRC-1054
Barcode 198009676811
Release Date May 17, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
PublisherScarlet Moon Records / /
Phonographic CopyrightScarlet Moon Records / /


Composer / Yuzo Koshiro / , GENTLE LOVE
All Music Arranged by / GENTLE LOVE
All Music Performed by / GENTLE LOVE
All Music Recorded by / GENTLE LOVE
Recording Studio / Niigata Studio
Mixing Engineer / Norihiko Hibino / (Hibino Sound Therapy Lab)
Mastering Engineer / Mustin (Mustin Enterprises, LLC)
Packaging Director / ROZEN (Mecha Dream Media, LLC)
Comic Illustrator / Maximo Lorenzo
Public Relations / Scarlet Moon Promotions
Producer / Jayson Napolitano
Special Thanks / Yuzo Koshiro / , Hunter Bridges, Seitaro Tanaka /


Disc 1

01 Opening 6:00
02 Sky Palace 6:57
03 Advent 4:45
04 Filmoa 6:56
05 Blood Pool ~ Casandora 6:16
06 Aitos ~ Temple 5:47
07 Pyramid ~ Marana 5:43
08 North Wall 6:48
09 Birth of the People 5:24
10 Offering 4:21
11 Peaceful World 4:56
12 Music in Heaven (Original) 9:27
Disc length 73:20



Celebrate ten years of Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies with this special collaboration between long-time friends and colleagues Yuzo Koshiro and Norihiko Hibino. The two have collaborated many times in the past, but never on this album series, so it seemed a fitting way to celebrate our ten-year journey.

We're pleased to present this tribute to one of Koshiro-san's legendary and defining works, ActRaiser, with creative interpretations provided by GENTLE LOVE. Fans can expect some surprises throughout the album, and purchases on Bandcamp will include a detailed digital booklet including:

- Liner notes written by Yuzo Koshiro
- An interview with GENTLE LOVE
- Recording notes used in the creative process
- Comics illustrated by Maximo Lorenzo

Series Website:

Prescription for Sleep: Heavenly Avatar is made possible by the following:

Music By: Yuzo Koshiro

Except track 12, "Music in Heaven," composed by: GENTLE LOVE

All music arranged, performed, and recorded by: GENTLE LOVE

GENLTE LOVE is: Norihiko Hibino (Saxophone) and AYAKI (Piano)

Recording Studio: Niigata Studio (Hibino Sound Therapy Lab)

Mixing Engineer: Norihiko Hibino (Hibino Sound Therapy Lab)

Mastering Engineer: Mustin for Mustin Enterprises, LLC /

Packaging Director: ROZEN / Mecha Dream Media, LLC

Comic Illustrator: Maximo Lorenzo /

Public Relations: Scarlet Moon Promotions /

Producer: Jayson Napolitano /

Special Thanks: Yuzo Koshiro, Hunter Bridges, Seitaro Tanaka

Compositions are © YUZO KOSHIRO. Used with permission.

Track 12. “Music in Heaven” used courtesy of Hibino Sound Therapy

Scarlet Moon and Prescription for Sleep are registered trademarks of Scarlet Moon Productions, LLC.

© all rights reserved.

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