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Shirogane no Soleil Hyper Remix Soundtrack Album

白銀のソレイユ Hyper Remix Soundtrack Album
Catalog Number IKCR-9522
Release Date Jun 24, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsRock Chipper Records


Composer / MANYO
Arranger / phutu-lo prodaction
Performer / Rekka Katakiri /
Lyricist / Marie /
Mastering Engineer / Tomohiro Sato


Disc 1

01 Introduction 1:32
02 Daily Life ~The Sun Returns Today~ 4:12
03 Rest ~Thinking About Spring and You~ 4:03
04 Thoughts ~A Feeling to Convey~ 3:51
05 Blighted Love ~Scattered Flowers of the Heart~ 5:01
06 Longing ~A Spirit Seeking Help, Painfully~ 3:22
07 Affection ~One Step Beyond Love~ 5:09
08 Squall ~White Wings Running Through Night~ 5:32
09 Awakening ~Waking of the Holy Power~ 4:15
10 Moonlight ~In the Memory of Passing Days~ 4:48
11 Maze ~Those Who Lurk in the Abyss~ 4:35
12 Cruelty ~Never-Ending Dream of Despair~ 5:36
13 Asgardh 4:22
Disc length 56:18



Image Music Composition: MANYO (LittleWing)
Remix: phutu-lo prodaction
15 Vocals: Rekka Katakiri / Lyrics: marie

Illustration: Hagane Tsurugi (蔓木 鋼音)

A&R: Takashi Inoue (Rock Chipper Records)
Promotion: Saiki Tsuchida, Nobuaki Okamoto, Takahiro "Jackie" Koizumi, Harumi Ozawa, Masayo Ohta, Ayaka Yahagi (Rock Chipper Records)

Producer: Show Yoshida
Mastering: Tomohiro Sato

Visual coordinate: Mr.Xavier
Planning Director: Shinnosuke.Yamakami
Art Direction & Design: Yoshio Yoneyama (Rock Chipper Records)

Exective Producer: Katsumi Otani (Rock Chipper Records)

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