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GWAVE 2006 2nd Strike

Catalog Number IMAE-00015
Barcode 4544274001944
Release Date Jun 29, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal



Disc 1

01 Beautiful Harmony 4:59
02 ふわり☆フィーリングハート 3:39
03 プチタミ 3:57
04 Days 4:55
05 Spiritual love 4:25
06 オレンジ 4:11
07 風のRhythm 5:43
08 Heart of crusader 4:41
09 SINCLAIR 4:29
10 Keep back my tears 3:55
11 5:23
12 StarTRain 3:40
13 Help!heaven! 4:13
14 夢みるトキメキ 3:26
15 ジュヴナイル 3:44
16 ”MAID” in blade 4:42
Disc length 70:02



M01 from BRA-BAN!
written by Mami Nakayama
composed by Famishin
arranged by Takeshi Ifukube (Angel Note)
performed by Yui Sakakibara

M02 from Koichu! ~Koi ni Koisuru Kataomoi~
written & performed by Rekka Katakiri (CLOSED/UNDERGROUND)
composed & arranged by Eiichiro Yanagi (FANATASISTA)

M03 from Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru
written, composed & arranged by bassy
performed by Barbarian On The Groove feat. Chata

M04 from Natsupochi
written by Miyazo
composed & arranged by Manack
performed by Marie

M05 from Ina-Koi!
written & performed by Mayu
composed & arranged by Raito

M06 from Shrine Maiden Fighter! Ryouko-chan
written & performed by Milk Kurumi
composed & arranged by NACHTMUSIK

M07 from Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no
written by Don McCow
composed & arranged by Yuki Ishii
performed by Yuuka

M08 from Dungeon Crusaderz ~TALES OF DEMON EATER~
written by Akuta Utsuro
composed & arranged by Manack
performed by Marie

M09 from Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic
written by Aya Takaya
composed & arranged by Soshi Hosoi
performed by Yui Sakakibara

written & performed by Mami Nakayama
composed by Tsubasa Shiranui

M11 from PP -Pianissimo-
written by Mutsura-Tate
composed by MANYO
arranged by ms-jacky
performed by Haruka Shimotsuki

M12 from StarTrain
written & composed by mi:cs
arranged by a2c
performed by YuNa

M13 from Megachu!
written, composed, arranged & performed by U

M14 from Yappari Imoutu ga Suki!
written & performed by Sora Yuizuki
composed by Akira Asano

M15 from Souten no Celenaria ~What a beautiful world~
written & performed by Rita
composed & arranged by Blueberry&Yogurt

M16 from Maid-san to Ooki na Ken
written & performed by REIKA
composed by milktub
arranged by ms-jacky

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