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V-RARE SOUNDTRACK 7 - pop'n music 9

Catalog Number CM-1797
Release Date Feb 19, 2004
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherKonami Media Entertainment, Inc. / /
Exclusive / /


Disc 1

01 At Pop'n Cafe ~ from Pop'n Music 9 Title 3:38
02 The Place to Be Ver. Red 4:46
03 Tangerine ~Philosophical Mix~ 3:22
04 Palm Revolution Moonlit Mix 3:58
05 A Good-natured Person ~USSY Cool Mix~ 4:04
06 Sunny Sunday's Sky ~Neo "Moo"-town Mix~ 3:14
07 GHOST 4:00
Disc length 27:02



Only made available with the Limited Edition package for pop'n music 9 CS [PS2].

01 Artist: Seiya Murai
Composer: Seiya Murai
Arranger: Seiya Murai

02 Artist: Des-ROW feat.めぐみ
Lyricist: RIKA
Composer: Des-ROW
Arranger: Des-ROW

03 Artist: wac and others
Lyricist: Yu Tokiwa
Composer: Masakazu Morino
(special thanks: Tomosuke Funaki, risette)

04 Artist: Kiyommy+Seiya
Lyricist: Kiyomi Kumano
Composer: Seiya Murai
Arranger: Seiya Murai

05 Artist: Megumi Oka
Lyricist: Megumi Oka
Composer: Tatsuya Mizuno
Arranger: Shinji Ushiroda

06 Artist: Ariko Shimada
Lyricist: Ariko Shimada
Composer: Shinji Ushiroda
Arranger: Tatsuya Mizuno

07 Artist: mur.kuro feat. Djorkaeff Yodogawa
Lyricist: mur.kuro
Composer: mur.kuro
Arranger: mur.kuro, Djorkaeff Yodogawa

Album Stats

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Platforms represented
Arcade, Sony PlayStation 2


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