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MACHIDA ~ooedo Express mail Special CD 2001~

Catalog Number OEMM-0025
Release Date Apr 30, 2001
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Publisherooedo Express mail / /


Disc 1

01 Flash Back Season "E-MIX" 2:46
02 maple "Leaf" -KAEDE- 1:59
03 technical power (90sclassic) 5:53
04 Nostalgia of birds ~Bird's Poem~ 4:16
05 What are you saying with those eyes? 5:44
06 Princess Time 3:44
07 onikagura - drm'n - 3:24
08 a Prayer 3:41
09 No Illusion 5:20
10 Oyome Samba ♪ 3:33
11 Fantasmagoria - Core ☆ Mix - 3:02
12 Your Profile 3:56
13 Early tropical summer rain 2:34
14 Because I.... 2:21
15 pure snows 2:38
16 The closest is...? 2:29
17 tameiki. ( 7:00
Disc length 64:20

Translated by Metroid


*Tracks 10 and 13 are switched on the printed track list. The notes here, as well as the track list above, reflect the order as they appear on the disc itself.

01. "Flash Back Season "E-MIX""
Original Work: Kagayaku Kisetsu he [ONE]
Composer: Ganma
Arranger: yu-i

02. "maple "Leaf" -KAEDE-"
Original Work: Kaede (Maple) [Kizuato]
Composer: Naoya Shimokawa
Arranger: K.T.LINER

03. "technical power (90sclassic)"
Original Work: technical power [To Heart]
Composer: Naoya Shimokawa
Arranger: bermei

04. "Nostalgia of birds ~Bird's Poem~"
Original Work: Bird's Poem [AIR]
Composer: Shinji Orito
Arranger: yamo

05.  "What are you saying with those eyes?"
Original Work: REBYUU [Remon Kanaria ~ Kageetei Nosutarujiya ~ / Lemon Canaria]
Composer: BIG Tabo
Arranger: Ryota Nishimura

06. "Princess Time"
Original Work: Time Princess [Comic Party]
Composer: Takahiro Yonemura
Arranger: 2port

07. "onikagura - drm'n -"
Original Work: Onikagura [Kizuato]
Composer: Shinya Ishikawa
Arranger: yu-i

08. "a Prayer"
Original Work: Justice -the law- [AIR]
composer: Magome Togoshi
Arranger: yu-i

09. "No Illusion"
Original Work: Is That... Reality [Kizuato]
Composer: Naoya Shimokawa
Arranger: Buhipi

10. "Oyome Samba ♪"
Original Work: your profile [To Heart]
Composer: Naoya Shimokawa
Arranger Ryota Nishimura

11. "Fantasmagoria - Core ☆ Mix -"
Original Work: Fantasmagoria [Tasogare]
Composer: Takahiro Yonemura
Arranger: yu-i

12. "Your Profile"
Original Work: Your Profile [To Heart]
Composer: Naoya Shimokawa
Arranger: NYA

13. "Early tropical summer rain"
Original Work: Littlestone [Magical☆Antique]
Composer: Takahiro Yonemura
Arranger: Ryota Nishimura

14. "Because I ..."
Original Work: Yell! [To Heart]
Composer: Kazuhide Nakagami
Arranger: K.T.LINER

15. "pure snows"
Original Work: pure snows [Kanon]
Composer: Shinji Orito
arranger: NYA

16. "The closest is...?"
Original Work: utatane [Suzu ga Utau Hi]
Composer: Loser Kashiwagi
Arranger: K.T.LINER

17. "tameiki. ("
Original Work: tameiki [Kizuato]
Composer: Kazuhide Nakagami
Arranger: bermei

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