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ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku selection vol.1~

ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~神曲 selection vol.1~

Disc 1

01 Don't say "lazy" 5:10
02 Sky-Blue Days 5:36
03 A Cruel Angel's Thesis 4:41
04 Rondo-revolution 5:26
05 Blue Water 4:59
06 Believe 4:18
08 The Dream Won't End ~ Drops as They Scatter 5:19
09 Genesis of Aquarion 5:59
10 Butter-Fly 5:29
11 Believe the Dream 4:43
12 Birdsong 6:01
Disc length 64:33


01 Don't say "lazy"
    Origin: TV animation K-ON! ending theme
    Lyrics: Shoko Omori
    Music: Hidenori Maezawa  
    Vocal: anporin
    Arranger: ARM
02 Sky-Blue Days
    Origin: TV animation Gurren Lagann opening theme
    Lyrics: MEG ROCK
    Music: Shinya Saito
    Vocal: miko + Resurrection
    Arranger: Dr.ARM

03 A Cruel Angel's Thesis
    Origin: TV animation Neon Genesis EVANGELION opening theme
    Lyrics: Neko Oikawa
    Music: Hidetoshi Sato  
    Vocal: A~YA
    Arranger: SOUND HOLIC

04 Rondo -revolution
    Origin: TV animation Revolutionary Girl Utena opening theme
    Lyrics: Masami Okui
    Music: Toshiro Yabuki  
    Vocal: Yuko Hirabuki
    Arranger: D.watt

05 Blue Water
    Origin: TV animation Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water opening theme
    Lyrics: Etsuko Kisugi
    Music: Yoshimasa Inoue
    Vocal: Beat Mario
    Arranger: fishtone

06 Believe
    Origin: TV animation ONE PIECE opening theme
    Lyrics: Chiroru Yaho
    Vocal: Ayumi Nomiya
    Arranger: REDALiCE

    Origin: TV animation Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's opening theme
    Lyrics: Nana Mizuki
    Music: Noriyasu Agematsu
    Vocal: Asana
    Arranger: ARM

08 The Dream Won't End ~ Drops as They Scatter
    Origin: Tales of Phantasia opening theme
    Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi  
    Music: Toshiyuki Sekiguchi
    Vocal: anporin
    Arranger: Tetsushi

09 Genesis of Aquarion
    Origin: TV animation Genesis of Aquarion opening theme
    Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato  
    Music: Yoko Kanno
    Vocal: ichigo
    Arranger: void

10 Butter-Fly
    Origin: TV animation Digimon Adventure opening theme
    Lyrics: Hidenori Chiwata
    Music: Hidenori Chiwata
    Vocal: nyanyannya
    Arranger: Kanade Kumano

11 Believe the Dream
    Origin: TV animation Dragon Quest opening theme
    Lyrics: Hitoshi Shinohara
    Music: Hideaki Tokunaga  
    Vocal: witch
    Arranger: Dr.watt

12 Birdsong
    Origin: TV animation AIR opening theme
    Lyrics: KEY
    Music: Shinji Orito  
    Vocal: Rekka Katakiri
    Arranger: ARM

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