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ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku selection vol.2~

ANIME HOUSE PROJECT~神曲selection vol.2~
Catalog Number ATCD-21002
Barcode 4935228093355
Release Date Nov 25, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Remix
PublisherATEAM / /



Disc 1

01 STOP! 5:45
02 Shine On! GIRLS 6:30
03 you 5:51
04 Big Dumpling Family 5:57
05 Do You Remember Love 5:29
06 One-Winged Icarus 5:38
07 Take That Sailor Uniform! 5:02
08 Face of Fact 4:48
09 Give a reason 4:59
10 Lunar Cocoon 7:07
11 Super Driver 6:37
12 Fluffy Time 5:40
Disc length 69:23



01 STOP!
    Origin: TV animation The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ending theme
    Lyrics: Aki Hata
    Music: Tomokazu Tashiro
    Vocal: A~YA
    Arranger: ARM
    Guitar: minami
02 Shine On! GIRLS
    Origin: TV animation K-ON! opening theme
    Lyrics: Shoko Omori  
    Music: Tom-H@ck
    Vocal: Rekka Katakiri
    Arranger: ARM
    Guitar: minami

03 you
    Origin: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Meakashi-hen ending theme  
    Lyrics: Satsuki Yukino  
    Music: dai
    Vocal: Chata
    Arranger: phoo

04 Big Dumpling Family
    Origin: TV animation CLANNAD ending theme
    Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    Music: Jun Maeda  
    Vocal: Asana
    Arranger: Tetsushi

05 Do You Remember Love
    Origin: Film The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? theme song
    Lyrics: Kazumi Yasui
    Music: Kazuhiko Kato
    Vocal: anporin
    Arranger: ARM

06 One-Winged Icarus
    Origin: TV animation H2O opening theme
    Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu
    Music: Noriyasu Agematsu
    Vocal: Asana
    Arranger: ARM

07 Take That Sailor Uniform!
    Origin: TV animation Lucky☆Star opening theme
    Lyrics: Aki Hata
    Music: Satoru Kousaki
    Vocal: Yuko Hirabuki
    Arranger: minami

08 Face of Fact
    Origin: BALDR FORCE opening theme
    Lyrics: KOTOKO
    Music: C.G mix
    Vocal: Ayumi Nomiya  
    Arranger: void

09 Give a reason
    Origin: TV animation Slayers NEXT opening theme
    Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
    Music: Hidetoshi Sato  
    Vocal: witch
    Arranger: Sound CYCLONE

10 Lunar Cocoon
    Origin: TV animation ∀ Gundam ending theme
    Lyrics: Rin Iogi
    Music: Yoko Kanno
    Vocal: Aki Misawa
    Arranger: D.watt

11 Super Driver
    Origin: TV animation The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya opening theme
    Lyrics: Aki Hata
    Music: Satoru Kousaki
    Vocal: miko
    Arranger: void
    Guitar: minami

12 Fluffy Time
    Origin: TV animation K-ON! featured song
    Lyrics: Mio Akiyama (Kakifly)
    Music: Hiroyuki Maezawa  
    Vocal: Ayu
    Arranger: ARM

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