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Space Channel 5 Part 2 Mojimoji★Can't Stop Remix

スペースチャンネル5 パート2 モジモジ☆キャントストップリミックス
Catalog Number MJCG-80098
Barcode 4535506800985
Release Date Jul 24, 2002
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2100 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Drama
LabelMMV / /
ManufacturerMarvelous Entertainment Inc. / /
DistributorVAP Inc. / /


Disc 1

01 short program01 : Traffic Report & Rescue Squad Assembly [Drama] 1:49
02 Go Go Gooo! Rescue Squad 3:00
03 short program02 : Ulala's Report Show [Kansai Edition Part 1] [Drama] 0:53
04 short program03 : Pudding Wanders Off [Drama] 1:10
05 Theme of PINE (Acoustic Lounge Mix) 4:56
06 short program04 : [Eyecatch] 0:24
07 Rock Out, Cheerleader 3:03
08 short program05 : Pudding's Report Show [Part 1] & Ulala's Report Show [Kansai Edition Part 2] [Drama] 1:37
09 Ba~nd Showdown!? 4:15
10 short program06 : Ulala's Dance [Prefecture Name Edition] & Neji's Close Call! [Drama] 1:23
11 Yet More Strobe Action 4:27
12 short program07 : Mororian VS Robo [Drama] 0:36
13 short program08 : A Purge-like Guest [Drama] 1:35
14 Theme of PURGE (Fears Lounge Mix) 3:44
15 short program09 : Pudding's Report Show [Part 2] [Drama] 1:16
16 Pala Paya 78 5:29
17 short program10 : Quiz ☆ Who's the Real One? [Eyecatch] 0:18
18 Who Is the Real One ☆ Again! 4:57
19 short program11 : Reunion ~One Director's Night~ [Drama] 0:41
20 Connected Hearts (Making of S.C.5 Mix) 6:30
21 This Is My Happiness (I Hold You Mix) 5:21
22 short program12 : Space Taxi [Drama] 0:48
23 See You Again Someday, Somewhere... This Is My Happiness (Piano Version) 2:52
Disc length 61:04



vocal Team Rescue
words Takumi Yoshinaga
directed by Mariko Nanba

remixed by Kenichi Tokoi

remixed by Jun Senoue

remixed by Hideaki Kobayashi

remixed by Tomonori Sawada

remixed by Kenichi Tokoi

remixed by Mariko Nanba

remixed by Keiichi Sugiyama

remixed by Naofumi Hataya

remixed by Tomoya Ohtani

re-arranged by Yutaka Minobe

All track created by Wave Master Inc.
Voices: Ulala:Herself
Fuse:Takashi THOMAS Yuda
Pudding: Kae Iida
Story Designer: Takumi Yoshinaga for United Game Artists
Original Music: Naofumi Hataya for Wave Master Inc.
Kenichi Tokoi for Wave Master Inc.
Mariko Nanba for Wave Master Inc.
Tomoya Ohtani for Wave Master Inc.
Producer/A&R: Yoshiaki Matsumoto for Marvelous Music Vibrations.
Mineko Okamura for United Game Artists
Production Coordinator: Kazuo Koizumi for Wave Master Inc.
Production Manager: Toshiki Izawa for Sega.
Promotion Director: Yasuhiro Takeuchi for Marvelous Music Vibrations.
Executive Producer: Yukifumi Makino for Wave Master Inc.
Haruki Nakayama for Marvelous Music Vibrations.
Sleeve Design: M.MAGIC.Kobayashi for United Game Artists.

Recorded and Mixed at Wave Master Recording Studio
Chief Engineer: Hirokazu Akashi
Engineer: Yoshitada Miya
Assistant Engineer: Hal

Supported by United Game Artists
Original Game ©SEGA,1999 ©UGA/SEGA,2001
Special Thanks: Ken Okazaki for United Game Artists
Tomoko Sasaki for Wave Master Inc.
Tatsuya Kozaki for Wave Master Inc.
Satoshi Shimizu
Kazuhiro Terasawa for T's music

"Mexican Flyer" music by KEN WOODMAN & His Piccadilly Brass
Licensed by Shanghai Music, LTD.

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Platforms represented
Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2




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