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Melody Of Legend ~ Chapter of Dream

メロディ・オブ・レジェンド (夢の章)
Catalog Number KICA-1242
Barcode 4988003255350
Release Date Jan 10, 2001
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2500 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
LabelKING / /
ManufacturerKing Record Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorKing Record Co., Ltd. / /
Phonographic CopyrightKing Record Co., Ltd. / /

Disc 1

01 Reunion with Yumemi <featured in Tengai Makyo ~ The Apocalypse IV> 5:41
02 Telmina Another <featured in CHRONO CROSS> 2:57
03 Final Movement ~ A Brilliant Funeral Procession <featured in MADARA 2> 3:53
04 Melodies Of Life <featured in Final Fantasy IX> 6:06
05 In Water, Air and Light <featured in VALKYRIE PROFILE> 6:39
06 Town of Parm <featured in GRANDIA> 5:45
07 Passiong Moment <featured in Tactics Ogre> 4:13
08 Bonds ~ Main Theme <featured in Panzer Dragoon Zwei> 6:36
09 U-FOLK <featured in UFO> 5:16
10 COZY <featured in ZEUS II Carnage Heart> 6:15
Disc length 53:21



    Ronan Browne: Uilleann Pipes, Whistles
    Éilís Lennon: Fiddle
    Yoko Ueno: Chorus
    Eri Kawai: Chorus

01: featured in Tengai Makyo ~ The Apocalypse IV / HUDSON/RED
    Composition: Toshiyuki Sasagawa
    Arrangement & Programming: Yuji Yoshino
    Chorus: Yoko Ueno
    Uilleann Pipes, Low & Tin Whistles: Ronan Browne

02: featured in CHRONO CROSS / SQUARE
    Composition: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Arrangement: Yoko Ueno
    Programming: Takeshi Yamanaka
    Chorus: Yoko Ueno
    Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle: Ronan Browne

03: featured in MADARA 2 / KONAMI
    Composition: KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB (Aki Hata)
    Arrangement & Programming: Yuji Yoshino
    Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle: Ronan Browne

04: featured in Final Fantasy IX / SQUARE
    Composition: Nobuo Uematsu
    Arrangement & Programming: Yasunori Mitsuda
    Chorus: Eri Kawai
    Uilleann Pipes, Low & Tin Whistles: Ronan Browne
    Fiddle: Éilís Lennon

05: featured in VALKYRIE PROFILE / ENIX
    Composition: Motoi Sakuraba
    Arrangement & Programming: Hidenobu "kalta" Otsuki
    Uilleann Pipes, Low & Tin Whistles, Armenian Doudouk: Ronan Browne

06: featured in GRANDIA / GAME ARTS
    Composition: Noriyuki Iwadare
    Arrangement & Programming: Hidenobu "kalta" Otsuki
    Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle: Ronan Browne

07: featured in Tactics Ogre / Quest
    Composition: Hitoshi Sakimoto
    Arrangement: Yoko Ueno
    Chorus: Yoko Ueno
    Programming: Takeshi Yamanaka
    Uilleann Pipes: Ronan Browne

08: featured in Panzer Dragoon Zwei / SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD.
    Composition: Yayoi Wachi
    Arrangement & Programming: Hidenobuo "kalta" Otsuki
    Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle: Ronan Browne

09: featured in UFO / LOVE-de-LIC
    Composition: Hirofumi Taniguchi (THELONIOUS MONKEES)
    Arrangement & Programming: THELONIOUS MONKEES
    Uilleann Pipes, Low & Tin Whistles: Ronan Browne

10: featured in ZEUS II Carnage Heart / ARTDINK
    Composition: ARTDINK
    Arrangement & Programming: Hidenobu "kalta" Otsuki
    Uilleann Pipes, Low & Tin Whistles: Ronan Browne

Production Staff

Produced by Kenichi Funayama (Studio GUIDO), Ryosuke Iguchi (King Records)
Cooperate Producted by Osamu Abukawa (CATS)

Recording & Mix Engineered by Ciarán Byrne
Recorded at Ronan Browne's Windy Doggy Castle Studio, Oct. 28 ~ Nov. 11, 2000
Mastering Engineered by Akira Ando (King Records)
Mastering Studio at King Sekiguchidai Studio

Art Direction by Kunihiko Kurosawa (Moonfish MediaWorks)
Cover Illustration by Tatsushi Takizawa
Label & Back Inray Photography by Chikako Kaido
Portrait of Ronan Browne by Máire Ní Chonláin
Art Work Coordination by Eiji Nakamura (King Records)

Special Thanks to: Máire Ní Chonláin, Nora Folan & Tigh Chualáin, Yuko & Oisín Ó Conláin and Children, Alastair McMillan

Ronan a grá, Spiddal a grá.......................
Kenichi Funayama.........................24. Nov, 2000

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