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Echoes of War: The Music of Blizzard Entertainment, Vol. 2


Disc 1

01 No Matter the Cost 5:44
02 En Taro Adun 4:09
03 Eradicate and Evolve 6:35
04 Victorious but not unscarred 5:17
05 The Hyperion Overture 5:20
06 The Eternal Conflict 6:37
07 Legacy of Terror 5:28
08 Children of the Worldstone 7:56
09 Last Angel 7:42
Disc length 54:48

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01-04: The Koprulu Symphony (StarCraft and StarCraft: Ghost)
05: The Hyperion Overture (StarCraft II)
06-08: The Symphony of Sanctuary (Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III)
09: Last Angel (Bonus Track)

2-01 No Matter the Cost
Source compositions: "Terran ~ Main Theme," "First Contact," "Terran 1," "Terran 2," "Terran 3," "Terran Ready Room," "Terran Defeat," "Terran Victory," "The Death of the Overmind," "Funeral for a Hero," "Dearest Helena"
Composed by: Glenn Stafford
Arranged by: Natsumi Kameoka
Featured performance: Kumiko Ito (Piano)

2-02 En taro Adun
Source compositions: "Protoss 1," "Protoss 2," "Protoss 3," "Protoss Ready Room," "Protoss Defeat," "Protoss Victory," "The Ascension"
Composed by: Glenn Stafford, Jason Hayes
Arranged by: Natsumi Kameoka

2-03 Eradicate and Evolve
Source compositions: "Zerg 1," "Zerg 2," "Zerg 3," "Zerg Ready Room," "Zerg Defeat," "Zerg Victory"
Composed by: Derek Duke
Arranged by: Go Shiina
Featured performance (Bulgarian vocal): Silvia Entcheva (Soprano), Mara Kiek (Soprano), Philip Chu (Tenor)

2-04 Victorious but not unscarred
Source compositions: "Brood War Aria," "StarCraft Ghost Intro"
Composed by: Glenn Stafford, Inon Zur
Arranged by: Natsumi Kameoka
Featured performance (vocal): Amanda Wagg (Soprano), Nicole Elizabeth Thomson (Soprano)

2-05 The Hyperion Overture
Source compositions: "SC2 Overture v1," "SC2 Teaser Music"
Composed by: Russell Brower, Chris Metzen, Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan
Arranged by: William Motzing

2-06 The Eternal Conflict
Source compositions: "Tristram," "Rogue," "Baal," "Halls," "Ancients," "Siege," "Ice," "Fortress"
Composed by: Matt Uelmen
Arranged by: Hironori Osone, Natsumi Kameoka
Featured performance: Zane Banks (12 stringed Guitar)

2-07 Legacy of Terror
Source composition: "Diablo III Overture"
Composed by: Russell Brower, Matt Uelmen
Arranged by: Hironori Osone

2-08 Children of the Worldstone
"Dark Diablo Fantastique"
Source compositions: "Diablo III Overture," "Tristram"
Composed by: Russell Brower, Matt Uelmen
Arranged by: Kow Otani
Featured performance: Aika Tsuneoka (Vocal), Hiroshi Tsuneoka (Electric Guitar)

2-09 Last Angel
Original Composition / Bonus Track
Composed by: Ladybird Maoi (Kow Otani + Aika Tsuneoka)
Lyrics by: Aika Tsuneoka
Featured performance: Aika Tsuneoka (Vocal), Kow Otani (Piano, Percussion), Hiroaki Yura (Violin)

Presented by EMINENCE
Performed by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, Eminence Symphonic Choir and Eminence Artists