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EVERGREEN / Yui Sakakibara [Limited Edition]

Catalog Number QECB-91003
Barcode 4988003378554
Release Date Nov 26, 2009
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 3800 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal, Original Work, Video
Labelb-green / /
PublisherBROCCOLI Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorKing Record Co., Ltd. / /



Disc 1 (CD) [QECB-91003] Vocal, Original Work

01 Partita of Passion 4:13
02 Gessei no Canon 3:56
03 Aqua Voice 3:58
04 Sakura Philosophy 4:24
05 Pink X Girl = Love 4:39
06 Happy Day♪ 3:30
07 Switch on♪ 3:47
08 Sabre Dance 4:28
09 Revolution of Fate 4:22
10 Passionate Story 5:27
11 Melody Time 3:41
12 Perhaps It Consists of Dream And Snow 4:48
13 One Winged Icarus 4:08
Disc length 55:21
Disc 2 (DVD) [QEB-2] Vocal, Original Work

01 One Winged Icarus Promotional Video

  Total tracks 14   Total length 55:21


The limited edition is attached with a DVD of the "One Winged Icarus" promotional video. 

The credit of the booklet says the 4th track "Sakura Philosophy" was composed and arranged by Daisuke Kikuta, another album (SKM-005) gave the credit of this song to Junpei Fujita.

01 "Partita of Passion"
  Lyrics: Yui Sakakibara
  Music, Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  Guitars: Nozomu Kanow
  Strings: Yoko Takahashi Strings
  All Other Instruments & Programming: Daisuke Kikuta
  Mixed by Hisayoshi Kondoh
  Directed by Daisuke Kikuta

02 "Gessei no Canon" (Galaxy Angel II: Eigou Kaiki no Toki opening theme)
  Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
  Music, Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)

03 "Aqua Voice" (Aquanauts of a Morning Calm opening theme)
  Lyrics: Yui Sakakibara
  Music, Arrangement: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)

04 "Sakura Philosophy" (Sakura Tale opening theme)
  Lyrics: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
  Music, Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)

05 "Pink X Girl = Love" (Aneimo 2 Imoimo Fandisc opening theme)
  Lyrics: kanoko
  Music, Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)

06 "Happy Day♪" (Happiness! Re:Lucks opening theme)
  Lyrics: Yui Sakakibara
  Music: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
  Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)

07 "Switch on♪" (TV animation H2O: Footprints in The Sand featured song)
  Lyrics: kanoko
  Music: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)
  Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)

08 "Sabre Dance" (Musou Tourou main theme)
  Lyric: Izumi Arisato
  Music, Arrange: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)

09 "Revolution of Fate" (Galaxy Angel II: Eigou Kaiki no Toki featured song)
  Lyrics: Bee'
  Music: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  Arrangement: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)

10 "Passionate Story"
  Lyrics: Izumi Arisato
  Music, Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  Guitars: Nozomu Kanow
  All other instruments & programming by Daisuke Kikuta
  Mixed by Hisayoshi Kondoh
  Directed by Daisuke Kikuta
  Recorded at ARIA STUDIO

11 "Melody Time" (Time Leap Paradise ending theme)
  Lyrics: Yoshikazu Kuwashima
  Music, Arrangement: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)

12 "Perhaps It Consists of Dream And Snow" (Harumoi)
  Lyrics: Kaolu Natsuba [夏葉薫]
  Music: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
  Arrangement: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)

13 "One Winged Icarus" (TV animation H2O: Footprints in The Sand opening theme)
  Lyrics, Music: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
  Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)

All Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Production Management: Asami Suita (ARIA entertainment)
Mastered by Masami Kanda (Wonder Station)

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