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System Shock 2 Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 22, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsThrough the Looking Glass


Composer / Josh Randall, Ramin Djawadi
Arranger / Eric Brosius


Disc 1

01 Irrational Games Logo 0:12
02 Med Sci 1 3:28
03 Med Sci 2 3:51
04 Engineering 3:30
05 Ops 1 3:49
06 Hydro 1 3:03
07 Hydro 2 2:12
08 Ops 2 4:03
09 Ops 3 2:25
10 Command 1 2:52
11 Command 2 3:22
12 Command 3 2:40
13 Rec 3:25
14 Credits 2:58
15 Intro Cutscene 2:41
16 Cutscene 2 2:32
17 End Cutscene 2:53
Disc length 49:56



This soundtrack was released as Internet Release only.

"After seeing so many fan interpretations of the SS2 soundtrack I figured I would upload the real soundtrack ... real as in "ripped from a CD that Eric Brosius burned."

What differences are there from the existing SS2 Soundtrack versions out there?

1) These are the real arrangements created by Eric himself, authored as full soundtrack songs and burned as an album. It's not a fan interpretation or anything else short of the real songs from the real composer.

2) This was personally crafted by Eric Brosius from the original audio, meaning that unlike the 22khz audio files from the shipping game this release is CD quality.

3) The audio quality is much higher than what's out there; I've ripped this from the original CD and have encoded it at 320 q0 mp3.

Basically, this is not only the best quality version of the soundtrack, it's the version of the soundtrack that Eric Brosius himself created. It's not a fan compilation; this is the real deal."

The GOG release of System Shock 2 includes this album in MP3 and FLAC formats as a bonus item.

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