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Crystal Horizon

Catalog Number LYNCD020
Release Date Oct 21, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work
PublisherLynne Publishing / /


Composer / Bjørn Lynne


Disc 1

01 Solar Winds 5:31
02 Information Rush 3:06
03 Neutron Groove 3:30
04 Ghost Machine 1:42
05 Stellar Welcome 3:29
06 China Temple Morning 4:32
07 Communicator 5:30
08 Koloss 2:57
09 Crystal Horizon 6:29
10 Voyager 13:17
Disc length 50:03



Notes from Bjørn Lynne:

This album took me quite a long time to compose and produce. A couple of the tracks date back a couple of years, to shortly after the release of "Beneath Another Sky". On "Crystal Horizon" I have tried to combine and vary my different favourite styles whilst still trying to keep it nicely flowing as an album, a whole, rather than just individual tracks. I hope I've managed it, to some degree.

The title track, "Crystal Horizon", was born out of a burst of inspiration I got from obtaining a software plugin that precisely emulates the old Korg Wavestation synthesizer. "Voyager" was meant as a sort of follow-up to my track "Into the Void" from back in 1997. I wanted to revisit the theme of the person drifting into unknown space.

There are also some more upbeat tracks, touching on progressive electronica with melodic elements. All in all, I hope you'll enjoy this album as a whole.

Thanks to Leif Liljeqvist and Alex Storer for help with the cover artwork.

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