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Catalog Number LYNCD021
Release Date Oct 21, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work
PublisherLynne Publishing / /


Composer / Bjørn Lynne


Disc 1

01 Perpetual Flux 5:15
02 Nanobots 3:35
03 Supersymmetry 4:07
04 Skatestyle 4:05
05 City Streamz 3:30
06 Quantum Paradise 4:52
07 Stingray 4:09
08 Slam Dunk 2:26
09 Oscillations 3:19
10 Feel The Flow 3:11
11 Power Trip 4:30
12 Tempest Drive 3:40
13 Live Wire 3:27
14 Thrillseeker 3:43
15 Distorted Fragments 3:44
Disc length 57:33



Notes from Bjørn Lynne:

This 15-track album contains electronic, melodic, upbeat and positive music produced with about 80% electronics and 20% guitars. I guess the music is pretty much inspired by the old "Dr.Awesome" style from the demo-scene waaay back, as well as game soundtracks etc. There's a lot of use of rhythmic delay effects, pattern based composing and classic synth sounds.

With Nanoteknika I've tried to make an album that's never boring, quickly moving from one upbeat track to the next. The music is positive and vibrant, but without exactly being techno. For the most part it's quite melodic. Good for driving :-). At least, that's what I was going for. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Many thanks to Aleksander Grochocki for playing additional guitar on 4 of the tracks, to Adam Skorupa (aka Skorpic from the demo-scene) for co-producing 5 of the tracks with me, and to Tobias Richter for the CD artwork.

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