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Dakota Star

Catalog Number NFCT-27029
Barcode 4988064270293
Release Date Oct 04, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal, Original Work
Organizationstearbridge records


Composer / Dai Nagao / , Alan Brey, tasuku, Bob Thiele, daiki kasho
Performer / Dakota Star / (Alan Brey, Chiaki, tasuku), Claus Bjorkland, Glenn Scott, Eric Zay, Jun Matsumoto / , Daiki Kasho, Clay Burchett
Lyricist / Chiaki, Alan Brey
Recording Engineer / Andreas Olsson, Alan Brey, tasuku
Mixing Engineer / Andreas Olsson, Martin Terefe, Alan Brey
Mastering Engineer / George Marino
Mastering Studio / Sterling Sound
Programmer / tasuku


Disc 1

01 T-13 3:37
02 Never Fall From Grace (album version) 4:16
03 Together Alone (album version) 4:03
04 So Real So Numb 3:05
05 Love Won't Stand Still 3:05
06 I'll Be There For You 4:04
07 Go (original mix) 2:02
08 Crash 2:05
09 Tremolo 2:32
10 Touch What's Real 4:00
11 LA 4:00
12 Desert Boots -instrumental- 3:11
13 Stay featuring Glen Scott 3:58
14 What To Believe (album version) 6:24
15 Soul Surfer (album version) 5:14
Disc length 55:36



The songs "What To Believe" and "Soul Surfer" feature in Gran Turismo 4.

01 music: Dai Nagao & Alan Brey / lyrics: Chiaki
02 music and lyrics: Alan Brey
03 music and lyrics: Alan Brey
04 music: Alan Brey & Tasuku / lyrics: Alan Brey
05 music: Alan Brey, Tasuku & Dai Nagao / lyrics: Chiaki & Alan Brey
06 music: Alan Brey & Tasuku / lyrics: Alan Brey & Chiaki
07 music: Alan Brey / lyrics: Alan Brey & Chiaki
08 music: Alan Brey
09 music & lyrics: Alan Brey
10 music: Alan Brey & Tasuku Toyama / lyrics: Alan Brey
11 music: Alan Brey, Bob Thiele & Tasuku / lyrics: Alan Brey & Chiaki
12 music: Alan Brey
13 music: Alan Brey & Tasuku / lyrics: Alan Brey
14 music: daiki kasho & Alan Brey / lyrics: Alan Brey
15 music: daiki kasho / lyrics: Alan Brey

Dakota Star are:
Alan Brey: guitars, bass, keyboards, effects, backing vocals
Chiaki: vocals
Tasuku: guitars, keyboards, effects, programming

Instruments played by Alan Brey
Additional instruments by:
    Claus Bjorkland (Juno 106)
    Glenn Scott (guest vocal on 13)
    Eric Zay (drums on 3)
    Jun Matsumoto (drums on 13, 15)
    Daiki Kasho (guitars, keys, programming on 14, 15)
    Clay Burchett (drums on 14)

Produced by tearbridge production

Sound Produced by Alan Brey
Co-Sound Produced by Tasuku

Recorded at Electric Earth Studios London, overdubs recorded in Tokyo

Engineered by Andreas Olsson (London), Alan Brey and Tasuku (Tokyo)
Mixed by Andreas Olsson, Martin Terefe and Alan Brey (Rojam, Dali, Form, Astro Studio) Tokyo
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound New York.

Track 14, 15: ℗&©2004 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Jacket and Sleeve design by Yoshihiro Sugawara (boris graphic engineering)
Creative Coordination by Masahiro Takenaka (SMC), Naoki Ueda (avex marketing communications inc.)

Head of A&R: Hiroaki "Antonio" Ito (tearbridge international)
Album production managers: Shimi Collins (tearbridge international), Taro Miyashiro (tearbridge international), Kohei Konoma (tearbridge international)

Thanks to: Hiroaki "Antonio" Ito, Mike Dixon, Shige Kajita, Martin Terefe, Claus Bjorkland, Dai Nagao, daiki kasho, Jun Matsumoto, Rosco Stewart, Ken "Squasha" Knight, Tasaki, Veruca Salt, Lumiis, analogue staff, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Polyphony Digital Inc., Grand Funk., All our families and friends

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