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Myst III: Exile The Soundtrack

Catalog Number 890010-CDS
Release Date May 17, 2001
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherUbisoft / /


Composer / Jack Wall
Arranger / Steve Zuckerman
Performer / Northwest Sinfonia, Cindy Wall, Timothy Washburn, Chris Bleth, Judd Miller, Steve Forman, Irwin, Gilbert Levy, Dave Stringer, Jack Wall, Larry Tuttle, Suzanne Teng, Josh Segal, Carol Stephanson, Lisa Dowling, Amy Fogerson, Susan Durham, H. James Drollinger, Mike Irizarry, Timothy Alan Bullara, Gordon La Cross
Conductor / Jack Wall


Disc 1

01 Main Theme 4:22
02 Opening Titles 1:54
03 Atrus' Study 2:47
04 Saavedro Enters 0:45
05 Saavedro's Theme 2:14
06 A Heartbeat Away 1:47
07 Saavedro's Lair 1:20
08 Theme From Amateria 2:15
09 The Spider Spinner 1:11
10 Libra's Lever 1:13
11 The Wheels of Wonder 1:29
12 Theme From Edanna 3:24
13 Deadwood Ridge 2:15
14 Swing Vines 2:55
15 The Forest and the Swamp 2:00
16 Theme From Voltaic 3:10
17 The Airship Chasm 3:14
18 Energy Island 1:40
19 The Confrontation 2:52
20 He Sees Hope 2:07
21 Let Me Go! 2:14
22 You've Been Followed 0:29
23 Into Oblivion 0:41
24 All Is Lost 0:48
25 Trapped 0:45
26 The Tide Has Turned 1:31
27 The Dilemma 2:03
28 All Is Well, My Friend 1:06
29 Going Home 1:10
30 Exile (Bonus Track) 3:27
Disc length 59:08



Included in the Collector's Edition of Myst III: Exile

The Cataloguenumber 890010-FL appears on the back sleeve.

Original score composed and conducted by Jack Wall

Executive Producer: Dan Irish. All tracks produced by Jack Wall
"Exile" produced by Jack Wall & Doug DeAngelis and Kevin Haskins for Messy Music


Orchestra: Northwest Sinfonia, Seattle, Washington
Orchestral Contractor: Simon James
Orchestrater: Steve Zuckerman
Recording Mix Engineer: Steve Smith
Choral Conductor Contractor: Philip Smith
Choral Group: Carol Stephanson, Lisa Dowling, Amy Fogerson, Susan Durham, H. James Drollinger, Mike Irizarry, Timothy Alan Bullara, Gordon La Cross
Music Coordinator: Audrey DeRoche, DeRoche Music, Inc.
Music Copyist: Ross DeRoche, DeRoche Music, Inc.


Boy Soprano: Timothy Washburn
Duduk & Woodwinds: Chris Bleth
Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) and additional synth programming: Judd Miller
Percussion: Steve Forman, Irwin, Gilbert Levy
Vocals: Cindy Wall, Dave Stringer, Jack Wall
Chapman Stick: Larry Tuttle
Exotic Flutes: Suzanne Teng
Viola, Bass Clarinet, Mandolin: Josh Segal
"Exile" performed by: Cindy Wall

Track 30 is called "Exile." It is a bonus track, sung by Cindy Wall.

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