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Makoto Shinkai Image Album "PROMISE"

Catalog Number CWCD-0003
Barcode 4560107150344
Release Date Dec 09, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format HQCD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherCoMix Wave Films / /


Composer / TENMON / *, Masayoshi Yamazaki / *
Presented by / Eminence
Directed by / Hiroaki Yura /
Producer / Hiroaki Yura / , Tomohiro Ogawa / (CWF)
Performed by / Eminence Symphony Orchestra /
Conducted by / Wataru Hokoyama / , Akifumi Tada /
Concertmistress / Victoria Jacono
Additional Performance / Eminence Artists
Piano / Jem Harding
Guitar / Roger Lock
Violin / Hiroaki Yura / , Victoria Jacono
Viola / Luke Spicer
Violoncello / Geoffrey Gartner
Oboe / Duncan Thorpe
Percussion / John Dewhurst
Arrangements / Shiro Hamaguchi / , Yasunori Iwasaki / , Akifumi Tada /
Additional Arrangement / Roger Lock
Recorded at / Trackdown Scoring Stage, Sydney Fox Studio EQ. Sydney
Recording Engineer / Daniel Brown
Mixing / Tim Ryan
Mastering / Tim Ryan
Production Co-ordinator / Travis McEwen
Production Assistant / Jason Le
Designed by / Norihiko Netsu / (G-SQUARE)
Photographed by / Norihiko Netsu / (G-SQUARE)
Art Work Management / Chiharu Ochiai (CWF)
Promoter / Naomi Toda (CWF)
Publisher / Noritaka Kawaguchi (CWF)
Special Thanks / Yuji Saito / (IMAGINE), Masaru / (IMAGINE), Nobukazu Sakai (minori), Kouichi Kokago (Q-TEC), Keiko Ueda (F), Yuki Yotsuya, All CoMix Wave Films Staff
Liner Notes / Tenmon, Makoto Shinkai /


Disc 1

01 One More Chance, One More Time (Instrumental) 5:05
02 Memories are Distant Days 4:07
03 Kanae's Feelings 3:27
04 The Place Promised in Our Early Days Theme 4:17
05 Their Plan / Hope and Aspiration 4:20
06 Sayuri 3:13
07 The Place Promised in Our Early Days Theme (Piano Version) 3:29
08 Their Differences 2:44
09 Your Voice (Instrumental) 4:58
10 Through the Years and Far Away 4:14
11 News from Mikako 3:45
12 She and Her Cat Theme 3:51
13 Bonus Track – She and Her Cat Theme (Piano Version) 3:46
Disc length 51:16



PROMISE credit list

Presented by Eminence
Directed and Produced by Hiroaki Yura
Performed by Eminence Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Wataru Hokoyama, Akifumi Tada
Concertmistress: Victoria Jacono
Additional Performance by Eminence Artists

Jem Harding (Piano)
Roger Lock (Guitar)
Hiroaki Yura (Violin)
Victoria Jacono (Violin)
Luke Spicer (Viola)
Geoffrey Gartner (Violoncello)
Duncan Thorpe (Oboe)
John Dewhurst (Percussion)

Arrangements by
Shiro Hamaguchi (Tracks 1~2)
Yasunori Iwasaki (Tracks 1~9)
Akifumi Tada (Tracks 10~13)
Additional Arrangement by Roger Lock (Track 3)

Recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage
Sydney Fox Studio EQ. Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Recording Engineer: Daniel Brown
Mixing & Mastering by Tim Ryan
Production Co-ordinator: Travis McEwen
Production Assistant: Jason Le

Eminence Symphony Orchestra. All Rights Reserved.
Eminence. Eminence Symphony Orchestra and Eminence Artists created by Hiroaki Yura. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Designed & Photographed: Norihiko Netsu (G-SQUARE)
Art Work Management: Chiharu Ochiai (CWF)
Promoter: Naomi Toda (CWF)
Producer: Tomohiro Ogawa (CWF)
Publisher: Noritaka Kawaguchi (CWF)

Yuji Saito (IMAGINE)
Masaru (IMAGINE)
Nobukazu Sakai (minori)
Kouichi Kokago (Q-TEC)
Keiko Ueda (F)
Yuki Yotsuya
All CoMix Wave Films Staff

All music composed by TENMON, except track 1 composed by Masayoshi Yamazaki

Tracks 1~3 from "5 Centimeters per Second"
Tracks 4~9 from "The Place Promised in Our Early Days"
Tracks 10~11 from "The Voices of a Distant Star"
Tracks 12~13 from "She and Her Cat"

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