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Donkey Kong Country 2 ~Diddy's Kong Quest~ Serious Monkey Business

Catalog Number OCRA-0017
Release Date Mar 15, 2010
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /



Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Sturm und Kong (K. Rool Returns) 3:30
02 Simian Soirée (Klomp's Romp) 3:33
03 Party's Over Here (Cranky's Conga) 2:56
04 Rare Respite (Jib Jig) 4:29
05 How K. Rool Went Insane (Welcome to Crocodile Isle) 3:17
06 Tetanus (Lockjaw's Saga) 3:54
07 Old School (School House Harmony) 3:54
08 Monkey Merengue (Bonus Intro) 4:03
09 Token Up (Token Tango) 6:46
10 It's a Jungle Out There! (Primal Rave) 4:32
11 The Apes of Wrath (Boss Bossanova) 4:20
12 Welcome to the Funky House (Funky the Main Monkey) 2:10
13 Beneath the Canopy (Forest Interlude) 4:54
14 A New Place (Hot-Head Bop) 4:32
Disc length 56:50
Disc 2 Arrangement

01 Roller Disco (Disco Train) 3:15
02 This Chase Is Haunted (Haunted Chase) 3:03
03 Paleolithic Park (Lost World Anthem) 3:42
04 Rhumba Rumble (Steel Drum Rhumba) 3:23
05 Us Monkeys Together (In a Snow-Bound Land) 4:13
06 Club Klubba (Klubba's Reveille) 3:02
07 Swamp Gases (Bayou Boogie) 4:42
08 Backwards Room (Run, Rambi! Run!) 5:58
09 Trapped in the Minds (Kannon's Klaim) 5:30
10 Crystal Swamp (Snakey Chantey) 4:21
11 Dance of the Zinger (Flight of the Zinger) 5:09
12 Dead Raggening (Bad Bird Rag) 4:25
13 High Seas (Stronghold Showdown) 4:20
14 Exit Row (The Flying Krock) 3:39
15 Pickin' Out the Fleas (Swanky's Swing) 4:12
16 Bramble Reprise (Stickerbrush Symphony) 4:35
17 Castle Crescendo (Krook's March) 3:39
18 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Crocodile Cacophony) 4:04
19 Re-Skewed (Donkey Kong Rescued) 3:21
Disc length 78:33
Disc 3

01 Bonus Bop (Token Tango, Bonus Lose, Bonus Win) 3:34
02 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Crocodile Cacophony) [Instrumental] 4:03
Disc length 7:37

  Total tracks 35   Total length 2:23:00


1.01 Sturm Und Kong
Original: K. Rool returns
ReMixed by: djpretzel

1.02 Simian Soirée
Original: Klomp's Romp
ReMixed by: Joren de Bruin

1.03 Party's Over Here
Original: Cranky's Conga
ReMixed by: OA

1.04 Rare Respite
Original: Jib Jig
ReMixed by: Patrick Burns

1.05 How KRool Went Insane
Original: Welcome to Crocodile Isle
ReMixed by: Ross Kmet

1.06 Tetanus
Original: Lockjaw's Saga
ReMixed by: Hemophiliac

1.07 Old School
Original: School House Harmony
ReMixed by: Nutritious

1.08 Monkey Merengue
Original: Bonus Intro
ReMixed by: bustatunez

1.09 Token Up
Original: Token Tango
ReMixed by: zykO

1.10 It's a Jungle Out There!
Original: Primal Rave
ReMixed by: Joshua Morse

1.11 The Apes of Wrath
Original: Boss Bossanova
ReMixed by: zykO

1.12 Welcome to the Funky House
Original: Funky the Main Monkey
ReMixed by: djpretzel

1.13 Beneath the Canopy
Original: Forest Interlude
ReMixed by: Fishy

1.14 A New Place
Original: Hot-Head Bop
ReMixed by: Nicole Adams feat. M.J. Ault and Starla

2.01 Roller Disco
Original: Disco Train
ReMixed by: Zoola

2.02 This Chase is Haunted
Original: Haunted Chase
ReMixed by: Prince of Darkness

2.03 Paleolithic Park
Original: Lost World Anthem
ReMixed by: bustatunez

2.04 Rhumba Rumble
Original: Steel Drum Rhumba
ReMixed by: Patrick Burns

2.05 Us Monkeys Together
Original: In a Snow-Bound Land
ReMixed by: Flickerfall (Diotrans, Palpable)

2.06 Club Klubba
Original: Klubba's Reveille
ReMixed by: Diggi Dis

2.07 Swamp Gases
Original: Bayou Boogie
ReMixed by: Another Soundscape

2.08 Backwards Room
Original: Run, Rambi! Run!
ReMixed by: zykO

2.09 Trapped in the Minds
Original: Mining Melancholy
ReMixed by: Geoffrey Taucer, José the Bronx Rican, Hale-Bopp

2.10 Crystal Swamp
Original: Snakey Chantey
ReMixed by: tepid

2.11 Dance of the Zinger
Original: Flight of the Zinger
ReMixed by: virt

2.12 Dead Raggening
Original: Bad Bird Rag
ReMixed by: Mazedude

2.13 High Seas
Original: Stronghold Showdown
ReMixed by: Nutritious

2.14 Exit Row
Original: The Flying Krock
ReMixed by: Skrypnyk

2.15 Pickin' Out the Fleas
Original: Swanky's Swing
ReMixed by: Sixto

2.16 Bramble Reprise
Original: Stickerbrush Symphony
ReMixed by: Joshua Morse

2.17 Castle Crescendo
Original: Krook's March
ReMixed by: Sole Signal

2.18 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings
Original: Crocodile Cacophony
ReMixed by: Nekofrog, Brandon Strader

2.19 Re-Skewed
Original: Donkey Kong Rescued
ReMixed by: David Wise feat. Grant Kirkhope and Robin Beanland

3.01 Bonus Bop
Original: Token Tango, Bonus Lose, Bonus Win
ReMixed by: Xenon Odyssey, The UArts Z Big Band

3.02 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Instrumental)
Original: Crocodile Cacophony
ReMixed by: Nekofrog

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Platforms represented
SNES (Super Famicom)



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