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Donkey Kong Country 2 ~Diddy's Kong Quest~ Serious Monkey Business

Catalog Number OCRA-0017
Release Date Mar 15, 2010
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Arrangement
Organizations OverClocked ReMix / / (Publisher)
Composed by David Wise
Arranged by djpretzel, Joren de Bruin, OA, Patrick Burns, Ross Kmet, Hemophiliac, Nutritious, bustatunez, zykO, Joshua Morse, Fishy, Nicole Adams, Zoola, Prince of Darkness, Flickerfall, Diggi Dis, Another Soundscape, Geoffrey Taucer, José the Bronx Rican, Hale-Bopp, Tepid, virt, Mazedude, Skrypnyk, Sixto Sounds, Sole Signal, Nekofrog, David Wise, Xenon Odyssey
Performed by Joren de Bruin, OA, Patrick Burns, bustatunez, zykO, Fishy, M.J. Ault, starla, Tepid, Prince of Darkness, diotrans, Geoffrey Taucer, José the Bronx Rican, Hale-Bopp, Sixto Sounds, Joshua Morse, Nekofrog, Brandon Strader, David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland, The UArts "Z" Big Band
Lyrics by Nicole Adams, M.J. Ault, diotrans, zykO, José the Bronx Rican, Nekofrog
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Sturm und Kong (K. Rool Returns) 3:30
02 Simian Soirée (Klomp's Romp) 3:33
03 Party's Over Here (Cranky's Conga) 2:56
04 Rare Respite (Jib Jig) 4:29
05 How K. Rool Went Insane (Welcome to Crocodile Isle) 3:17
06 Tetanus (Lockjaw's Saga) 3:54
07 Old School (School House Harmony) 3:54
08 Monkey Merengue (Bonus Intro) 4:03
09 Token Up (Token Tango) 6:46
10 It's a Jungle Out There! (Primal Rave) 4:32
11 The Apes of Wrath (Boss Bossanova) 4:20
12 Welcome to the Funky House (Funky the Main Monkey) 2:10
13 Beneath the Canopy (Forest Interlude) 4:54
14 A New Place (Hot-Head Bop) 4:32
Disc length 56:50
Disc 2 Arrangement

01 Roller Disco (Disco Train) 3:15
02 This Chase Is Haunted (Haunted Chase) 3:03
03 Paleolithic Park (Lost World Anthem) 3:42
04 Rhumba Rumble (Steel Drum Rhumba) 3:23
05 Us Monkeys Together (In a Snow-Bound Land) 4:13
06 Club Klubba (Klubba's Reveille) 3:02
07 Swamp Gases (Bayou Boogie) 4:42
08 Backwards Room (Run, Rambi! Run!) 5:58
09 Trapped in the Minds (Kannon's Klaim) 5:30
10 Crystal Swamp (Snakey Chantey) 4:21
11 Dance of the Zinger (Flight of the Zinger) 5:09
12 Dead Raggening (Bad Bird Rag) 4:25
13 High Seas (Stronghold Showdown) 4:20
14 Exit Row (The Flying Krock) 3:39
15 Pickin' Out the Fleas (Swanky's Swing) 4:12
16 Bramble Reprise (Stickerbrush Symphony) 4:35
17 Castle Crescendo (Krook's March) 3:39
18 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Crocodile Cacophony) 4:04
19 Re-Skewed (Donkey Kong Rescued) 3:21
Disc length 78:33
Disc 3

01 Bonus Bop (Token Tango, Bonus Lose, Bonus Win) 3:34
02 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Crocodile Cacophony) [Instrumental] 4:03
Disc length 7:37


1.01 Sturm Und Kong
Original: K. Rool returns
ReMixed by: djpretzel

1.02 Simian Soirée
Original: Klomp's Romp
ReMixed by: Joren de Bruin

1.03 Party's Over Here
Original: Cranky's Conga
ReMixed by: OA

1.04 Rare Respite
Original: Jib Jig
ReMixed by: Patrick Burns

1.05 How KRool Went Insane
Original: Welcome to Crocodile Isle
ReMixed by: Ross Kmet

1.06 Tetanus
Original: Lockjaw's Saga
ReMixed by: Hemophiliac

1.07 Old School
Original: School House Harmony
ReMixed by: Nutritious

1.08 Monkey Merengue
Original: Bonus Intro
ReMixed by: bustatunez

1.09 Token Up
Original: Token Tango
ReMixed by: zykO

1.10 It's a Jungle Out There!
Original: Primal Rave
ReMixed by: Joshua Morse

1.11 The Apes of Wrath
Original: Boss Bossanova
ReMixed by: zykO

1.12 Welcome to the Funky House
Original: Funky the Main Monkey
ReMixed by: djpretzel

1.13 Beneath the Canopy
Original: Forest Interlude
ReMixed by: Fishy

1.14 A New Place
Original: Hot-Head Bop
ReMixed by: Nicole Adams feat. M.J. Ault and Starla

2.01 Roller Disco
Original: Disco Train
ReMixed by: Zoola

2.02 This Chase is Haunted
Original: Haunted Chase
ReMixed by: Prince of Darkness

2.03 Paleolithic Park
Original: Lost World Anthem
ReMixed by: bustatunez

2.04 Rhumba Rumble
Original: Steel Drum Rhumba
ReMixed by: Patrick Burns

2.05 Us Monkeys Together
Original: In a Snow-Bound Land
ReMixed by: Flickerfall (Diotrans, Palpable)

2.06 Club Klubba
Original: Klubba's Reveille
ReMixed by: Diggi Dis

2.07 Swamp Gases
Original: Bayou Boogie
ReMixed by: Another Soundscape

2.08 Backwards Room
Original: Run, Rambi! Run!
ReMixed by: zykO

2.09 Trapped in the Minds
Original: Mining Melancholy
ReMixed by: Geoffrey Taucer, José the Bronx Rican, Hale-Bopp

2.10 Crystal Swamp
Original: Snakey Chantey
ReMixed by: tepid

2.11 Dance of the Zinger
Original: Flight of the Zinger
ReMixed by: virt

2.12 Dead Raggening
Original: Bad Bird Rag
ReMixed by: Mazedude

2.13 High Seas
Original: Stronghold Showdown
ReMixed by: Nutritious

2.14 Exit Row
Original: The Flying Krock
ReMixed by: Skrypnyk

2.15 Pickin' Out the Fleas
Original: Swanky's Swing
ReMixed by: Sixto

2.16 Bramble Reprise
Original: Stickerbrush Symphony
ReMixed by: Joshua Morse

2.17 Castle Crescendo
Original: Krook's March
ReMixed by: Sole Signal

2.18 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings
Original: Crocodile Cacophony
ReMixed by: Nekofrog, Brandon Strader

2.19 Re-Skewed
Original: Donkey Kong Rescued
ReMixed by: David Wise feat. Grant Kirkhope and Robin Beanland

3.01 Bonus Bop
Original: Token Tango, Bonus Lose, Bonus Win
ReMixed by: Xenon Odyssey, The UArts Z Big Band

3.02 Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings (Instrumental)
Original: Crocodile Cacophony
ReMixed by: Nekofrog

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