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Kirby's Airride Business trip Sound Test

カービィのエアライド 出張サウンドテスト
Kirby no Air Ride Shucchou Sound Test
Catalog Number B3E29-4
Release Date Aug 06, 2003
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsMainichi Communications


Disc 1

01 Plantes (Grasslands Course) 1:41
02 Vallerion (Valley Course) 1:09
03 Sky (Air Course) 1:11
04 Iron (Machine Course) 1:09
05 Magheat (Lava Course) 1:30
06 Colda (Iceberg Course) 1:39
07 Sandoola (Desert Course) 1:37
Disc length 9:56



Promo CD included with Nintendo DREAM Vol.94.

Shogo Sakai: M01,05~07
Hirokazu Ando: M02,03
Jun Ishikawa: M04

The tracklisting gives the courses by their Japanese names. Here are the English counterparts:

Plantes = Fantasy Meadows
Vallerion = Celestial Valley
Sky = Sky (Top Ride course)
Iron = Metal (Top Ride course)
Magheat = Magma Flows
Colda = Frozen Hillside
Sandoola = Sky Sands

Album Stats

Contained in 13 collections
Contained in 4 wish lists
Platforms represented
Nintendo GameCube


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