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DARK VOID Original Video Game Score

Catalog Number SE-2077-2
Barcode 669311207722
Release Date Feb 09, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 13.99 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelSumthing Else Music Works / /



Disc 1

01 Theme from Dark Void 2:56
02 Prologue and Main Title 2:10
03 Village Attack 1:47
04 A Mysterious Jungle 4:20
05 Altar Sacrifice 1:09
06 Archon 3:20
07 Ava and the Rocket 1:02
08 Tesla's Laboratory 1:21
09 The Prophesized One 2:59
10 Taking Flight 2:21
11 Crash Site 3:10
12 Void Requiem 7:49
13 Ava and Tesla Return 0:47
14 Above the Canopy 5:01
15 Hieroglyphs and Betrayal 3:03
16 Defending the Ark 5:46
17 The Collector 3:18
18 Survivor Camp Combat 6:18
19 The Watcher Airship 2:52
20 Watcher Prison 3:19
21 The Imperator 1:22
22 Will and Ava 1:53
23 The Dweller 3:47
24 Ava's Sacrifice 3:17
25 Will at the River 0:38
26 Dark Void End Credits 2:00
27 Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version Bonus Track) 1:53
Disc length 79:38



Also available digitally for 9.99 USD

Original Score Produced by Bear McCreary and Steve Kaplan
Conducted by Bear McCreary
Recorded and Mixed by Steve Kaplan
Orchestrated by Brandon Roberts
Additional Orchestrations: Tim Davies, Jeremy Levy, Michelle Toh
Orchestration Consultant: James Hopkins
Music Preparation: Mark Cally, Nicole Hayes, Scott McCrae, Greg Hamilton, Jeremy Levy
Additional Engineers: Laurence Schwarz, Tom Brissette
Scoring Coordinator: Aaron A. Roethe
Additional Music: Jonathan Ortega
Scoring Assistants: Jonathan Ortega, Michael Beach, Brendan McCreary, John W. Snyder
Additional Recording: Theo Mack

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, California

Recorded at the Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage, Burbank, California
WB Score Recordist: Greg Dennen
WB Scoring Tech: Ryan Robinson
WB Stage Crew: Richard Wheeler Jr.
WB Stage Coordinator: Jamie Olvera

Orchestra Contractors: Sandy DeCrescent, Peter Rotter
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony

Cynthia Millar - Ondes Martenot
Chris Bleth - Ethnic Woodwinds
Paul Cartwright - Electric Violin
Martin St. Pierre - Erhu and Yialli Tanbur
Steve Bartek, Ira Ingber - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Brandon Roberts - Acoustic Guitars
John Avila - Electric Bass
M.B. Gordy - Percussion
Bear McCreary - Harmonium, MIDI Programming
Jonathan Snipes - Additional Sequencing

Flutes - Geri Rotella, Jenni Olson Scott (and Piccolo)
Oboes - John Yoakum (and English Horn), Chris Bleth
Clarinets - Stuart Clark, Charles Boito (and Bass Clarinet)
Bassoons - Rose Corrigan, Ken Munday
French Horns - Brian O'Connor, Mark Adams, Steve Becknell, David Duke, Laura Griffiths
Trumpets - Jon Lewis, David Washburn
Trombones - Alex Iles, Steve Holtman, Bill Reichenbach (and Bass Trombone)
Tuba - Doug Tornquist (and Cimbasso)

Violins - Julie Gigante (concert master), Katia Popov, Sarah Thornblade, Eun-Mee Ahn, Robert Anderson, Benedict Brydern, Kevin Connolly, Nina Evtuhov, Lorenz Gamma, Henry Gronnier, Tammy Hatwan, Natalie Leggett, Phillip Levy, Marina Manukian, Serena McKinney, Helen Nightengale, Searmi Park, Sara Parkins, Jay Rosen, Neil Samples, Marc Sazer, Lisa Sutton, Irina Voloshina

Violas - Brian Dembow, Thomas Diener, Andrew Duckles, Keith Greene, Tom Lea, Shawn Mann, Darrin McCann, Vickie Miskolczy, David Walther

Violoncelli - Steve Erdody, Tony Cooke, Erika Duke, Paula Hochhalter, Dennis Karmazyn, Armen Ksajikian, Dane Little, Jacob Szekely

Contrabass - Michael Valerio, Drew Dembowski, Chris Kollgaard, Bruce Morgenthaler, Bart Samolis

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Dark Void, Dark Void Zero
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PC, Sony PlayStation 3

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