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Final Fight Streetwise Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 27, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack


Disc 1

01 Wylin Out (RJD2 Remix) - Mos Def 4:27
02 You Aint Tough (Final Fight II) - Smoke & Numbers 2:41
03 Southern Boyz - Alfamega Feat. Lil' Thug, Ti, & Trina 4:54
04 Deez Dayz - Big Steele Feat. Rbx & Polarbear 3:43
05 Get Ya Head Bust Open - A Mafia 2:52
06 Uh Oh They Fighting feat. T-Rock - T-Rock 4:05
07 Hip Hop - Nappy Roots 4:03
08 Hey! (Be Like Me) - Smoot 3:09
09 Fatti Sotto - Funkareem 3:14
10 Tha Hood - Bigg Steele 3:28
11 Soldiers - Dub Pistols 6:08
12 Explosive (Caural Mix) - Diverse 4:24
13 Heather - Move.Meant 4:23
14 Holdin' On - Jay Tee 5:02
15 City Limits - Dujeous 4:18
16 The Power of Words - Deviants Of Reality 4:12
17 Blindman - Diverse 3:09
18 First / Last - Dujeous 5:08
19 Rewind - Nappy Roots 3:20
Disc length 76:40



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Credit and composer info from the game's end credits:

Mos Def, Diverse and Prefuse 73
"Wylin' Out"
Written by K.R. Jenkins, D. Smith
Composed by Prefuse 73
Published by Medina Sound/EMI (BMI) Sol Shot (BMI)
Courtesy of Chocolate Industries

Smoke & Numbers
"Final Fight II"
Written and Composed by Sean Pompey & Nissaun White
Published by Prodigal Son Publishing (ASCAP) & Gimmie The Loot (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Cinematic Music Group

AlfaMega feat. Lil Flip, TI and Trina
"Southern Boyz"
Written by AlfaMega
Composed by Versatile Music
Published by Versatile Music Pub (BMI)
Courtesy of Versatile Music

Bigg Steele
"Deez Dayz feat. RBX & Polarbear"
Written and Composed by N. Steele, B. Soderberg, E. Collins and Polarbear
Published by Across the Ocean Music (ASCAP), BipolarManiac Music (ASCAP),
Eric Collins Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Blockready Records

A Mafia feat. Shiest Bub
"Get Ya Head Bust Open"
Written and Composed by T. Parson, A. Holmes, D. Christo
Published by Purple City Publishing
Courtesy of Purple City Entertainment

334 Mobb feat. T-Rock
"They Fighting (Uh Oh)"
Written and Composed by Ken Buchanan & Keith Buchanan
Published by Kinpin Charge (BMI), Gimmie The Loot (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Cinematic Entertainment

Nappy Roots
"Hip Hop", "Rewind"
Written and Composed by Nappy Roots
Published by Famous Music, Nappy Roots Publishing
Courtesy of Nappy Roots Music Inc.

Smoot & Topic
"Hey (Be Like Me)"
Written and Composed by Jeffrey Huntley
Published by RapRockMusic ASCAP
Courtesy of Kwik Entertainment 2005

"Fatti Sotto"
Written by Simone Giuliani
Composed by Simone Giuliani and Francesco Cipriani
Published by Quiet Riots Music (ASCAP) 2005
Courtesy of Funkatunes and INgrooves

Bigg Steele
"Tha Hood"
Written and Composed by N. Steele, B. Soderberg and Polarbear
Published by Across the Ocean Music (ASCAP), BipolarManiac Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Blockready Records

Dub Pistols
Written and Composed by Barry Ashworth, Jason O'Bryan
published by Bug Music Ltd.(PRS)
Administered by Bug + Deconstruction Songs/BMG Music Publishing, Ltd.
Courtesy of Distinct'ive Records

Diverse, Lyrics Born and RJD2
"Explosive (Caural Remix)"
Written by K.R. Jenkins, T. Shimura
Composed by RJD2
Published by Asia Born Music (ASCAP), Sol Shot (BMI)
Courtesy of Chocolate Industries
Lyrics Born appears courtesy of Mobile Home
Quannum Projects

Written and Composed by A.Bailey, J.Bandy, O Nathan
Published by Meant To Move Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Wax Paper Music

Jay Tee
"Holdin' On"
Written and Composed by J. Trujillo, K. Franklin
Published by Vouges Publishing (BMI)
Courtesy of 40 Ounce Records

"City Limits", "First/Last"
Written and Composed by A. Gale, A. Jones, D. Guy, D. Kupferstein,
L. Hammonds, T. Gross, T. Rivelli
Published by Apex Technical Drool (ASCAP) + Chiron In The Stars (ASCAP)
+ Diesel Big Mouth Music (ASCAP) + Insane Wizard Scripts (ASCAP)
+ Music For The Elderly (ASCAP) + Sleazy Rhet Music (ASCAP)
+ The Cinematic Advances (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Waxpoetic Records

Deviants of Reality
"The Power of Words"
Written by Johnathan Alexander, Ulysses Davis
Composed by Johnathan Alexander
Published by Alex J Muzik (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Deviant Muzik and INgrooves

Written by K.R. Jenkins
Composed by K. Kruz
Published by Sol Shot (BMI)
Courtesy of Chocolate Industries

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