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Catalog Number SE-2080-2 (alternate printing of N/A)
Barcode 669311208026
Release Date Mar 30, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 13.99 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelSumthing Else Music Works / /


Composer / Gerard Marino, Ron Fish, Mike Reagan, Jeff Rona, Cris Velasco
Arranger / Tim Davies, Jeremy Levy
Performer / Skywalker Session Orchestra, Czech National Symphony Chorus, Chris Bleth, Loga Ramin Torkian / , MB Gordy, Jonathan Mayer
Recording Engineer / Leslie Ann Jones, Oldrich Slezak
Recording Studio / Skywalker Sound
Mixing Engineer / Marc Senasac, Joel Yarger, Jonathan Mayer
Mastering Engineer / Marc Senasac
Conductor / Tim Davies


Disc 1

01 God of War III Overture 3:36
02 Call to Arms 2:41
03 Poseidon's Wrath 2:33
04 Revenge Falling 3:10
05 Anthem of the Dead 1:18
06 Depths of Hades 2:54
07 The Forge of Hephaestus 2:19
08 Labor of Destruction 1:37
09 The Three Judges 1:40
10 The Lost Souls 2:38
11 Duel with Hades 1:44
12 Tides of Chaos 4:24
13 Stalker 1:55
14 The Muse's Song 2:07
15 Brothers of Blood 2:45
16 Lure of a Goddess 2:08
17 The March of Tartarus 2:00
18 The Great Machine 3:02
19 Pandora's Song 2:27
20 Revenge Rising 1:34
21 All for Nothing 2:23
22 Rage of Sparta 1:41
23 In the Face of Fear 2:01
24 End of Vengeance 4:19
Disc length 58:56




Tracks 1-4, 12, 22, 24: Gerard Marino
Tracks 5, 11, 16: Jeff Rona
Tracks 6, 8-10, 17: Ron Fish
Tracks 7, 18, 20, 23: Mike Reagan
Tracks 13-15, 19, 21: Cris Velasco


Woodwind Solos by Chris Bleth.
World Strings Solos by Loga Ramin Torkian.
Percussion performed by MB Gordy and Jonathan Mayer.

Produced for SCEA by Clint Bajakian.
Associate Producer - Michael Bricker.
Mixed by Joel Yarger, Jonathan Mayer, and Marc Senasac.
Mastered by Marc Senasac.
Soundtrack Editing by Joel Yarger, Jonathan Mayer, Marc Senasac, Scott Hanau, and Andrew Buresh.

Orchestrated and conducted by Tim Davies.
Additional orchestration by Jeremy Levy.
Score performed by the Skywalker Session Orchestra.
Special thanks to the American Federation of Musicians.

Orchestra recorded at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California.
Recorded by Leslie Ann Jones.
Assistant scoring engineers - Dann Michael Thompson, Judy Kirschner, Chris Barron.
Pro Tools Recordist/Editor - Andre J.H. Zweers.
Orchestral Contractor - Janet Ketchum.
Czech National Symphony Chorus conducted by Jaroslav Brych.
Choir recorded by Oldrich Slezak at the Rudolfinum, Prague.
Assistant Engineering by Cenda Kottzman.
Choir Contractor - Zdena Pelikanova.

Head of Music - Chuck Doud.
Soundtrack Coordination by Tammy Tsuyuki.
A & R Manager - Alex Hackford.
Manager, Music and Licensing - Jason Swan.
Sr. Music Licensing Coordinator - Justin Fields.

Special Thanks: Shuhei Yoshida, Scott Rhode, Allan Becker, John Hight, Richard Lee, David Murrant, Stig Asmussen, Steve "Scat" Caterson, Whitney Wade, Todd Piperi and all those at Santa Monica Studios.

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