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Todokanai Koi/Twinkle Snow

届かない恋/Twinkle Snow
Catalog Number KICM-4033
Barcode 4988003386894
Release Date May 26, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1050 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelF.I.X. RECORDS / /
DistributorKing Record Co., Ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 Todokanai Koi 5:09
02 Twinkle Snow 6:53
03 After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ 5:30
04 Todokanai Koi Instrumental 5:09
05 Twinkle Snow Instrumental 6:52
Disc length 29:33



Track 01 - The OP theme of WHITE ALBUM 2 ~introductory chapter~
Vocal: Rena Uehara
Lyrics: Naoko Sutani
Composition: Shinya Ishikawa
Arrangement: Junya Matsuoka
Electric Guitar: Hideo Mitsuda
Bass: Kentaro Sawa
All Other Instruments & Programming: Junya Matsuoka

Track 02
Vocal: Akari Tsuda
Lyrics: Naoko Sutani
Composition: Junya Matsuoka
Arrangement: Michio Kinugasa
Acoustic & Electric Guitar: Hideo Mitsuda
All Other Instruments & Programming: Michio Kinugasa

Track 03 - The featured song of WHITE ALBUM 2 ~introductory chapter~
Vocal: Rena Uehara
Lyrics: Miu
Composition: Shinya Ishikawa
Arrangement: Michio Kinugasa
All Instruments & Programming: Michio Kinugasa

Produced by Naoya Shimokawa
Recorded & Mixed by Kenichi Arimura (STUDIO AQUA)
Assisted by Ryunosuke Kusaka (STUDIO AQUA)
Recorded & Mixed at STUDIO AQUA
Mastered by Kenichi Arimura (STUDIO AQUA)

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