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City of Moon Chasing Plus Edition

月追いの都市 Plus Edition
Tsukioi no Toshi Plus Edition


Disc 1

01 Spiral Coiling Moon -Sinal "ar" ol "ir"- 1:13
02 City of Moon Chasing -Leozet_Laq_Ecliss- 4:11
03 Genesis and Demise -"Lei" ol Lag-Quara- 2:16
04 Encounter with the Light -Sef rin chi sef mie- 4:36
05 The Successor of these Eyes -Quara ol "Ecliss"- 3:57
06 Holy Bell -Ar karrra- 2:12
07 To the Faraway Girl -Jue i fel...sil- 4:53
08 The Flower that Blooms under the Blue Sky -Ci ol Lip-Aura- 5:02
09 White Song of Feelings -Sefin io Ir zel rin ar rin el- 4:01
10 The Spiral Coiling Clock that Engraves the Waxing and Waning of the Moon -I oular i neej rin ar lef su i Lag-quara- 3:55
11 Sealed World -Eclef ol Ar- 1:00
Disc length 37:16


Fourth and final reprint of Tsukioi no Toshi.
Adds a multimedia CD that recopilates the materials that tieLeaf released about Lag-Quara in addition to the CD. The book novel is excluded in this release.

Has a different catalog number from the original release and the two previous reprints, which also had the same catalog number as the original release.

Notes from Parent Album:
CD/Book Release by the tieLeaf Doujin Circle, formed by Haruka Shimotsuki, Nao Hiyama, and Ao Sorano.

First part of the Laq-Quara Fantasy World Series, which is tieLeaf's main project.
The CD consists of songs that are designed to accompany the novel in the book.

All of the songs are performed by Haruka Shimotsuki, with Rekka Katakiri, Noriko Mitose, Yuuki Mizusawa and Noriko Saitou doing the choruses. The lyrics for all the vocal songs are written by Nao Hiyama.

Track 1 and Track 11 are both instrumental tracks.

01.捻子巻く月 ~sinal "ar" ol "ir"~
Composition & Arrangement: Haruka Shimotsuki

02.月追いの都市 ~Leozet_Lag_Ecliss~
Composition: Haruka Shimotsuki
Arrangement: Haruka Shimotsuki & Takumaru (LittleWing)
Guitar & Mandolin: Kenichi "nabeken" Watanabe
Violin: Weisswurst
Bass:Takafumi Kamijo
Drums & Percussion: Yuuno

03.創世と終焉 -"Lei" ol Lag-quara-
Composition: Haruka Shimotsuki
Arrangement: Haruka Shimotsuki & Takumaru (LittleWing)
Percussions: Yuuno

04.光との邂逅 -Sef rin chi sef mie-
Composition & Arrangement: MANYO (LittleWing)
Guitar & Mandolin: Kenichi "nabeken" Watanabe
Fiddle: Leona
Bass:Takafumi Kamijo
Drums: Masanori Yabuki

05.瞳を継ぐ者 -Quara ol "Ecliss"-
Composition: Haruka Shimotsuki
Arrangement: Soushi Hosoi

06.聖鐘 -Ar karrra-
Composition & Arrangement: myu (refio)

07.遠い少女へ -Jue i fel...sil-
Lyrics: Hiyama Nao
Composition & Arrangement: Takumaru

08.花ひらく蒼天 -Ci ol Lip-Aura-
Composition: Haruka Shimotsuki
Arrangement: Takumaru

09.白き想歌 -Sefin io Ir zel rin ar rin el-
Composition & Arrangement: Soushi Hosoi
Violin: Weisswurst

10.捻子巻く時計が月の満ち欠けを刻む -I oular neej rin ar lef su i Lag-quara-
Composition: Haruka Shimotsuki
Arrangement: MANYO

11.閉じられた世界 -Eclef ol Ar-
Composition & Arrangement: Haruka Shimotsuki

Released on Comiket 69.

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