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Catalog Number II39
Release Date Apr 14, 2010
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
Published by II (Pause) / /
Composed by Norrin Radd, Øyvind Hægeland
Arranged by Norrin Radd
Performed by Norrin Radd


Disc 1

01 Anomaly 4:05
02 Desert of Blackened Sands 3:48
03 Four Lights 6:40
04 Process of Microcosmic Emaciation 3:22
05 Naga Soturad 1:59
06 Reciprocal Dimensions 3:49
07 Paradoxes are Unveiled 1:49
08 Proton Decay 3:13
09 Quantum Uncertainly 0:29
10 A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions 5:21
11 Becoming Superluminal 3:46
12 Nucleation of a Child Universe 2:47
13 Never to Return 1:42
14 A Castle Under Siege 1:59
15 Spinning (NES Spiral Architect Cover) [Bonus Track] 3:13
Disc length 48:02


NES Death Metal Album
All Vocals by Norrin Radd
15 Spinning is composed by Spiral Architect
Art by Francis Coulombe and "Anomaly" logo by Josiah.

Anomaly is the newest album from chiptune artist Norrin_Radd. Four years in the making, Anomaly is a  concept album that follows a journey of a mortal consciousness baring witness to the death and renewal  of the universe, and is lyrically illustrated through the esoteric interpretations one must overcome  when faced with infinite time and space.

Musically, Anomaly adheres to the same limitations imposed on the original 8bit NES. Using these  limitations as a guideline, Anomaly is loaded with extremely complex pieces of music that weave  together elements of technical death metal, progressive rock, thrash metal, and jazz. Where Anomaly  deviates from the original NES sound is in the use of 2 additional channels used for vocal tracks.

In order to maintain the sound and feel of the original 8bit NES, all of the vocals were first converted  into 1bit DPCM files to give them that nostalgic "Blades of Steel" sound.

When the term chiptune is used in describing a style of music, it is usually considered a genre in and of itself, which implies a certain type of music. Instead, Anomaly attempts to use the term  "chiptune" as a protocol with which musical ideas can be interpreted.

In this case, the vision was to  transform the ideas behind Technical Death Metal, Progressive Rock, Thrash, and Jazz as they would be  heard if it existed on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

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